This is so interesting because an elephant has a brain very near to that of humans.

image source

Did you know they can solve problems in their life, and that they have their own language?

It is unbelievable that they have empathy with certain situations and will try to help.

They do have long term memories that come forward when something is good, but also when something is bad.

Elephants really are remarkable and they even play music and paint art.

Unfortunately after a very bad experience they can even have post-traumatic stress disorder.

This does happen to humans as well.

Please watch this wonderful explanation of elephants that you will not believe.

I hope you have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.  


I did not know that the elephant brain is similar to that of a human's.

#commentraid !

Elephants are really interesting and people do forget how smart they are.

Elephants are such a beautiful peaceful animal

Elephant memories are really interesting. Thanks for sharing

They are really smart and cool!

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