This is the most wonderful kinder garden that I have ever seen.

image source

I cannot believe what I just saw in this video.

There is a very big difference between forest kinder gardens are normal kinder gardens.

You should see it to believe it.

The teachers in school say that it is not a problem if these children do not learn to read and write as this they will learn in school.

These children have a lot of discipline and they are not stressed at all.

They have had time to be real children and enjoy their young lives to the fullest.

We are so inclined to protect our children, but maybe this freedom teaches them more than what we could.

I would love to know what you think, as the teacher there says he only had to take one child to hospital and the reason was that one of the mothers had driven over the child’s foot. 

They work with sharp instruments and climb trees. They do incredible things that would make your heart want to stop.

Yet it does seem to teach them a lot and give them confidence.

Have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast. 

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