Some children just have the ability to come up with ideas like none other.

We are so inclined to make out children do jobs that we want them to do.

This is so wrong, because if you work with something you enjoy it will never feel like work.

image source

When I say this video I was thinking how important it is to let our children do things they love.

Some of them love woodwork; others love pottery and a lot of things that we might never think of.

If you have a child that does love working with their hands it is so important to help them do this.

I am sure that in this time where work is becoming a problem for some people to find it is better to help them start a business that will help them do something that they love.

Today most children are just into technology and that is good because they can do a lot of good with it.

If you have a child that loves working with their hands I thought this is just an example of what they can really achieve.

Happy workers are happy people so if your child would like doing something like this please let them. It may be surprising what they can come up with.

I hope you agree and enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.


Thank you for sharing, as people spend most of their day at work, they should love it, or they will become stressed!!
(Did you see there is a new tag for South Africans? #steemsa)

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