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Not everyone is a bike lover and not everyone is a dog lover but when I found this it just made me smile and happy.

I am a dog lover and have one just like this.

image source

They are such lovable dogs and it is hard to ignore the wishes of these little dogs.

Children should grow up with an animal because it will teach them to care for someone else not just themselves.

I found this so funny and so incredible that someone could do so much trouble to take their dog with them.

They have a way of just making you feel as if you are important to them.

This little one was getting in a hurry as he knew just what was coming.

Today I wanted to write a fun story and to me this is one of the best that I found.

I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did and have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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That is the nicest cycling gear I have ever seen for a four legged member of the family, what fun to witness anticipation of the ride. Most of our dogs love going in the back of the bakkie over the years for a romp in the park or on the beach, they become quite used to travel.

Please connect to new #steemsa as mentioned in link by @giantbear your post here is the last share I will be doing into #teamsouthafrica, with @jaynie at the helm of the new community we are hoping to draw South African into one area to connect and share.