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It is sad to see big business taking over like this, especially corporations that do not really add much value to the lives of its customers and employees. They are only focused on the bottom line, what gets their shareholders the biggest returns as fast as possible. There ought to be stricter regulations on that, but people are asleep and politicians are bought. What is the name of the town if I may ask?

often we feel sad about the past... This sadness makes us not live the happiness of the present .... this present will become past and then feel sad again.....
Yes there are a lot of beautiful things we've lost..... But we have other beautiful things to take care of before we lose it also...
Thank you @marxrab for taking us in a tour of your city's memories.

The economy has certainly changed a lot. Even my hometown of Rochester, MN has changed dramatically. When i was a kid, IBM was a huge employer in the city. Now, they are renting the majority of the buildings to other companies, manufacturing of servers and laptops has disappeared, and thousands have lost their jobs. However, the Mayo Clinic had continued to grow and take over the city. The city of over 100,000 is now almost a single employer city. If Mayo fails, Rochester will crumble.

It's not just here, either. The town of Benaoján, in southern Spain, used to have over a dozen meat processing factories. All but one are gone, today.

Interesting article, and I love the old photo. It would be fun to take the same shot today for a then and now comparison.

Excellent post my dear!

Really unfortunate @marxrab What we really see today as the loss of the dominance of such factories.
It is only an example given to us. There are many of them in all countries. I think that the absence of officials is the reason for this.
Today's report tells about a problem of our problems today, and if we find the solution, we may provide dominance and economic growth and provide work for some unemployed.
I wish to see the officials probably have given them an idea of ​​bypassing them and reprogramming them into life again

That's depressing - d'you have the same increasing inequality as with Detroit where the few people now left working in factories are highly skilled and well paid?

To quote some stats from a blog I did recently

  • Livingstone county, which is 96% white, the median household income is $73000
  • Detroit City, which is 82.7% black, the median household income is $26, 000 and nearly 40% of people live in poverty.

I just have to keep reminding myself how diverse a place the US is and that there are good things going on too.

What a fascinating, yet sad, transition.

Humans struggle with change. You'd hope that more people would be able to see the change coming, and develop new and different ways to work and earn.

Thanks for sharing the town story and the factory photos... Very interesting.