The Earth: Special Planet

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For many scientists, our planet is special because it has both sweet and salty liquid water, it has tectonic plates and an atmosphere that protects it from the inclement rays coming from the Sun. However, what makes it more special is that it is the only known planet in the system. solar that was a creator of life.


The Earth, our planet, is an exception within the Solar System since, due to its conditions, it is the only one in which life has developed. It has a slightly flattened sphere at the poles and is composed of a solid part, basically composed of rocks and minerals; It also has a liquid part, seas, and continental waters.

Likewise, it has a gaseous part that surrounds it, the atmosphere, of almost 1000 km in height, which is composed of nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor.

How was this special planet formed?

This topic is fascinating for children because they are always curious to know where the things they see originate. Knowing the formation of the Earth is intimately linked with the creation of the Solar System.

Some of the most accepted theories hold that the Earth was formed from the nebula that gave rise to the Solar System. In its beginnings, the Earth was larger, it was composed of a huge ball of hydrogen, helium, and dust. Later, it began to contract slowly while its temperature increased.



With these transformations, helium and part of the hydrogen escaped Earth's gravity while oxygen was not combined with part of the hydrogen to form the water.

3,000 million years ago, the contraction ceased, as did the surface temperature, enabling the further development of life.



It is difficult for a child to imagine that the Earth was formed from dust because it turned out that way.

It is important to know that from being a gas giant like the neighboring planets Jupiter and Saturn, the Earth went into a solid state. Because the planet cooled, it went from gas to solid. Then a terrestrial crust was formed, which is what we know today as the soil.

Our planet is also known as the Blue planet because from space you can see this color because more than two-thirds of its surface are oceans and seas.

Now, it is fascinating to know that the Earth not only houses life, but also the intelligent life that is humanity and is what makes it a doubly special planet because this intelligent life has been developed for years and has achieved the most important inventions such as rockets that allow travel outside this Special Planet.

Likewise, our planet is considered special because it has the greatest amount of liquid water that makes it different from the other planets of the solar system and that has a perfect position with respect to the Sun, because if it were very close to it, the Earth would receive a lot of energy and if, on the contrary, it were very far away, the quantity of water that it possesses would quickly freeze.

How wonderful it is to understand that we live on a Special Planet and especially that we are part of that intelligent life within the Earth.

For this reason, it is important to teach our children and students to learn to love, care for and value it because for millions of years, has given us a place to live, in addition to giving us the best of it. Likewise, we must give back their great hospitality and love for humanity.



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