Why Do People Hesitate Or Nervous When They Speak In English?

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Why Do People Hesitate Or Nervous When They Speak In English?

Today, I am going to write about why do we essentially hesitate to speak in English. There is perhaps nothing more challenging and nothing more hesitation provoking than speaking English in front of public or front of a person but there must be some underlying causes for such hesitation in some many people. For those of you who live in countries where English is not a native language must be aware of the fact that you didn't hesitate in speaking your native language as you do speaking in English.

For example, a person starts speaking English for the first or second time and it is certain that he or she will make mistakes.So, when you start speaking english, the people around him or her will start to laugh. You think for yourself we are not even concerned in speaking correctly in other languages but when it comes to the case of English, we try to speak grammatical correctly and then pronouncing all the words correctly and possibly without mistakes but why does it happen?

After all English is just a language like any other language. The first causes I think that we fantasize this language too much. We have too much obsessed with English. We tend to those people were able to speak English well. This is true that English is spoken in most of the countries and we need to develop our English skills so we can communicate with people over the streets.



The second causes maybe you are not very well versed with the language, maybe you are still struggling with frantic letters and for this reason maybe you will not have been able to write an essay.

For the third causes maybe your vocabulary is not so strong and for this reason maybe you are not able to communicate with people for lack of vocabulary. And as you know, its is essential to have some good level of vocabulary to communicate in English. The fourth causes you might not have enough exposure to English speaking people.

The fifth and last causes you might never have enough interest in speaking English or developing your English communication skills. You say that when you have interests already half of the work is done. So, five steps to be taken in order to devolop your English communicaiton skills.



So, the number one step to remove hesitation is to recall what the first cause our hesitation was that is what sender says the language too much. Stop fantasizing that's the logical solution. There is no worry to if you have made any mistakes earlier or if you are still making a mistake, now take a cool.

The second step is get yourself well versed with language. Pick up your grammar book and start from the first chapter and learn to answer and make sure you in your learning process will be able to make the difference between have or has and you will be able to know when has been or have been or have been is used. Develop your vocabulary but how to develop your vocabulary ? Whenever I read a book or a newspaper, when I find some digital books, I look up the words in the dictionary and then I write that word in a paper so I can remember it later.

The third step is to find someone to talk in English. You can talk to your friends or some some of your relatives who are good in English. Make use of their knowledge and you can also watch the channel BBC which is British broadcasting channel and their reporters of channels pick some good English.

The fourth step is to develop interest. You can develop your interest by reading the daily newspaper and then reading some articles essays but I would recommend you not to read novels because in the early stages novels won't where we have much.



Thank you so much for reading my post. Please stay tuned for more.


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