The Beginners guide to steemit, (Answers to 8 questions you've been dying to ask about steemit!!)

If you’ve signed up for Steemit and You're thinking #Nowwhat ?”, this article is for you. There are still plenty of people that have never used steemit , and for many that do steemit still feels alien to them.

Well I'll try to keep this short and to the point, since we all know so many people hate to read.

Well, In this post i will answer some common questions steemit Users normally ask to use as a guide to get started on steemit. But once you start, you’re bound to have questions. #And I created this list to help.

I Have No Followers, so how do i get people to follow me ?

Some new users make this a higher priority than others. It’s all about how important it is to “get people to like me.”

To the people who care about numbers, you’ll hear all sorts of tips on how to ask people to follow you . Please ignore those people. If you are interesting and if you interact with others, you will get followers. If you artificially inflate your numbers and get a ton of followers but aren’t interesting, the numbers are hollow.

How important is my steemit profile?

You might think that getting more followers on steemit will be enough to get your posts read. That helps. But that’s like sitting in the nosebleed section of a hockey game–sure, you still get to watch grown men fight, but the t-shirt gun will never reach you.

It’s very important. Think about it. When you stumble across someone’s profile, how do you decide whether you’ll follow them? Make sure you use a nice photo. Set a background. Use a very descriptive bio that includes keywords of your interests so that relevant people can find you. Link to your blog or website.

If you leave any of this stuff blank, you make the decision easy for people: They won’t follow you.
You may wish to list where you work, live, or a line from a favorite poem in your bio. This is the short blurb that lets potential followers know who you are.

When should i publish my post on steemit?

When you should publish your post should be governed by when the people that follow you, are most likely to see it, and interact with it. This is where steemit.actvity is very useful. Each day, there are certain periods of the day where your followers may be most active, so take advantage of that.

Whats the meaning of the number next to my steemit user name?

This number is called a reputation score.

This score will determine the amount of value you have brought to the community.

The higher the reputation score you have, the more your posts will be visible to your followers and the community, and people here always trust, follow more for users with high reputation score.

The lower the score you have, the more likely you will be seen as a spammer.

Every new user starts off with a reputation score of 25.

Try to keep it as high as you can.

Note: Steemit Team will hide your post if your reputation score go down to 0.

Can I delete my post.?

The answer is no The blockchain will contain the record of your post therefore it's impossible to delete. You can only edit and update your post with blank content.

Is it possible to change my steemit user name?

My friend it's impossible,you can only change your display name in your account settings.

Wow Someone just followed me! YES! Should I follow them back?

The impulse in the beginning is one of two things: 1) YES! I’m awesome! They followed me! I’m following back! or 2) Who the heck is this person? unFOLLOW! Both are too quick to react.

Don’t follow everyone back. Some will tell you that you should so that you can get more followers. Don’t listen to them. Look at their profile. Read their bio and most recent posts. Are they interesting to you? Do you actually want this info flowing through your feeds? If so, follow. If not, don’t.

On the flip side, get used to “strange” people following you. You’re public. It’s okay. They won’t hurt you. You don’t have to follow them.

I'm a new Steemit user, should i promote my posts?

Well for a new user,promotion will increase your followers fast, but in term of profit, most likely not. The choice is now yours.

In Conclusion.

If you go to, they’ll have a more comprehensive FAQ. But these are the questions I see asked most and the questions that I likely had when i joined steemit.

What do you think? Are there any common questions that I’m missing? well feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by resteeming it to your followers,, or sharing it's link with a friend. Thank you!

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