¿How to help children so that their learning is more didactic?

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Today's children need much more than an old and less orthodox way of learning because there are recently many distracting factors that often affect children in schools around the world.


Every day the technology is in an impressive growth, why not use it to help children learn in a fun, different and didactic way ?

I'm not a vocation teacher, but if I keep in touch with a retired teacher and me've always heard that she talked about this topic, and constantly she was looking for ways to help her students learn but not in a boring way but in a fun way,she tried to always look for the most appropriate way and according to the capacity of her students and at the same time make sure that it was not a boring or much less orthodox way.

There are many ways to impart knowledge to a child, you just have to find which is the most appropriate and which would be the most efficient when applying that knowledge. There are several ways, such as:

  • Digital brochure

As I had already mentioned, the technology currently plays a fundamental role and we must take full advantage of it, using this tool to create a digital magazine or brochure that illustrates ways of learning and in turn, reinforces what has already been learned.


  • School magazine.

It is a way of motivating the child to create, to be dependent on his talent and creativity. By creating the magazine the children will be learning and in the future, they will be able to turn to that magazine and reinforce the information so that the learning will grow.


  • Debate

In general, I think that This is a way for teachers to really realize if the students are learning because they can share with the class what they have been learning and receive from each of their classmate's even more knowledge and at the same time it is a fun way to learn.


  • Experiments in classes

This is a practical way of applying knowledge to the student because it is a visible and fun way for children to learn. and also helps the child's scientific growth and the desire to discover new things and experience.


  • Presentation

And as a last idea the presentation. It may be something so simple but it can help the child learn faster through the practice of what is applied in class, it could be planned and at the end of each class, a daily child or a weekly child is chosen and given as task to plan and present a summary of what you have learned in classes, so reinforce and learn while sharing with your classmates.


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Excellent publication, it is important to teach children the tools that are used daily and add new ones to make learning more interesting for them.

Exactly, that's how you say @guada1, thanks for commenting.

What an interesting read this was. I agree with the ways of differentiating learning. It's true that today's learners are exposed to various distractions. But these distractions are also responsible for the way students learn. Teaching them through multimedia is a great way for them to learn.

You are right, my dear friend, by advancing the world we must find the most efficient ways to get the knowledge to children, thank you for visiting my publication.

Every day teachers have to innovate their educational practice; remembering that children have a new vision of reality, and children do not sit still for long in their classrooms, they need more interaction with their other peers, teachers and the environment.

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