A video of a heroic dog rescue in the history classroom? That's edutainment!

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I truly believe in the power of using videos in my classroom. If you choose them wisely, not only can they teach academic lessons but social and emotional ones as well. They can inform and inspire... all while tricking your students into thinking they are having a "fun day" in class.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.10.33 AM.png
This does not look like a "fun day" for either of these two.

I have always seen my class more like a team than anything else. The classroom is the practice field. I am the coach who is helping the players learn essential skills in order to win once they get into the real game... life. Teams do not win on their own. They need to work together in order to achieve greatness. So do my students.

As a result of this attitude, I have always dreamed of starting the year by playing the movie Hoosiers. It is one of the greatest movies about teamwork, hard work, and redemption that I have ever seen. The coach is incredibly tough on his players. But it is not out anger or spite. He is tough on them because he believes in them. They can be great.

It is also one of the most fantastic underdog stories of all time... and it is based on a true story!

This is the real inspiration for the movie Hoosiers

My students all have special needs. Many have learning, emotional, physical or speech disabilities. Some have Down Syndrome or are on the Autism spectrum. They often feel like the underdogs.

I would hope watching Hoosiers could show them the power of teamwork and what can be accomplished by underdogs when they are treated and behave like super stars.

But I don't have time for all that. I have 4.5 million years of history to cover! There are many movies I would like to show. Unfortunately, I only have 180 hours with the students.

However, I can (and will) show this:

As I often do, I will not explain why I am showing this video. After it is complete, I will ask the students why they thought I showed it.

Through some guided and unguided questions, I hope they will answer with many of the following:

"It shows the power of teamwork."

"It shows that anyone can be a hero."

"It shows people doing the right thing."

"It shows people not just being bystanders."

"It shows people learning from their mistakes."

"It shows people trying, failing, and never giving up."

"It shows people problem solving and trying different solutions until they find one that works."

I know there will be more lessons they glean that even I had not seen. That is by far my favorite part of my job: learning from my students. I love hearing how they see things from their point of view. They never cease to amaze me.

Then I will ask them, "Why do you think I showed this in our class?"

Finally, I will sit back and be astonished by their thoughtful answers.

Actual footage of me after hearing what my students come up with.

How about your point of view?

What lessons did you learn from this video?

Could you use this video to teach lessons to your own children, friends, coworkers or employees?

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Dog is human's best friend, we should do that for our loyalty friend

That was a great video indeed

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It is a wise way to teach, the video is very inspiring and shows the good side that we should let flow. Thanks for sharing

I feel like the dog in this video @hanshotfirst but the only difference is that I look like a fangless lion and waiting for the water to swell while others are helping me but cannot form a sensible human chain to lift me completely out from my demise.

The video is very inspiring and shows the good side. It is very engaging for students. thanks for sharing this post @hanshotfirst

you are right this is useable video thanks for sharing

Great post! I always enjoy hearing the lessons you are teaching your class. I remember you saying last year that you show your class Hoosiers each year! Many of your thoughts encourage my boys as well.
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Chris Pratt? Lol!


I wish i looked like Chris Pratt! Then I could get into all of the Marvel movie premiers!

(But that was a very funny joke).

Videos are great as long as there is a connection to the material being taught. Now, when you watch the movie Selena 3 times in Spanish class, it gets a little old, but relevant material is always appreciated.


LOL. Oh yeah I never watch things just to kill time. We don't have enough of it.

Nothing is impossible with helping one another. Great story.


Exactly! If more people would work together the world would be a better place.

I like that you allow the students to almost dictate the purpose of the lesson by only stepping in if necessary at the end to cover the important pieces they may have missed.

My girlfriend worked in special education for about 4 years and I know how tough it is so you have all my respect man. As the saying goes you are doing Gods work. Enjoy your weekend!


Thanks man. The kids really are awesome. I much prefer to hear them talk than myself.

I think videos are very useful now a days. Students give more attention to videos than just audios or books.

My kids could defiantly use the teamwork lesson. I'm going to give this a shot. I'll pop back with an update.


That would be awesome! Thanks!

That video's very touching. love it the humanity.

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This is awesome. I was almost in tears the first time I saw this video. It shows us that we are full of compassion and love and would jump at the opportunity to help someone or something in need!


There really are many great people out there. We just don't hear about them as much.

Using videos while teaching is the best method because it is very engaging for students. And thanks for this video. I'm definitely gonna show this video to my students. :)


Great! I hope they enjoy it.

Really a selfless act by these people mostly the first one.
We should all learn something from this

nice i think you love the animals and this is are brave man and keep it up your work and helped the things of God

This post is wonderful. Thank you. The video made me cry, because it's so heartbreaking. I love it when people see the importance of putting another being above themselves and their own immediate needs. I think I'll watch this anytime I'm having a bad day.

I love it that you don't always know why you share something with your students. You just share it with them and let them find their own lessons in it. That is wonderful.

I love your hustle mate! How much content you put out is amazing. Keep going. Love from Germany! PS Just upvoted and started following you :D


I just shared your post on @tarc's Facebook page, which is basically a hotbed of teachers and dog rescuers. LOL Thank you for posting this.

love this :)

God is the true faithful animal... video really highlights... human should not be arrogant and be selfless... great inspirational post

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No single person is more important. Each of those heros (whether it was the guy in the canal, the guy in the middle of the chain, at the end of the chain), could not have done it alone.