The importance of creating Activities to develop the empathy of children in the classes.

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Empathy is the person's ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes. It is essential to educate children in empathy so they can be able to understand others. The activities to develop children's empathy will bring important advantages for social relationships, as well as for well-being and emotional balance. In addition to training as future leaders in the processional field, capable of working as a team and being able to manage their environment.



Importance of developing empathy in the education of children.

In the studies, all the subjects are important for the development of the children, but there are other attitudes that are equally important but sometimes less worked by the educators, as it is the case of the empathy or the integration between a group of studies. It is essential to work with children as individuals, but it is equally important that they know how to work as a team, since institutions, organizations and the world are made up of groups of people.

Empathy favors emotional development, since it allows children to visualize and understand what surrounds them, instead of focusing on themselves, improving social relationships, as well as providing security and increasing self-esteem. This would help avoid conflicts between classmates who could be co-workers in the future, since today society only cares about its own good.



Activities to develop the empathy of children in the classes:

  • Understand expressions: this activity involves drawing faces of basic emotions, such as joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and love, to show the children and they can identify each of the expressions. In addition to all the imaginary situations that can make a person feel sad or happy, trying to explain how they feel, what could happen to make them feel this way? and how to solve it, if it is a negative expression.


Face of joy

When a person is happy?

Why would that person be happy?

What should be done to make a person happy?

Are possible questions that can be done in classes with each of the expressions, mentioned above.



  • I put myself in your place: The dynamic consists of preparing cards in which we write down different characters (mom, dad, teacher, friend, doctor, fireman, among others). To give a card to each of the children and explain that they must transform themselves into what appears on the card that they play. What should they do in each other's place? They can use disguises or instruments allusive to the subject as support material.



  • How would you feel?: In this activity you can use stories of readings and movies, explaining the situation and the event, we ask the children to close their eyes and think about what happened, and try to think and feel like the protagonist of the history. So that they can respond, how would they feel if they were in that situation?



This ability will allow children to be happier being themselves, in addition to learning to cope with any situation turning them into great professionals and good leaders in the future. But above all, empathy makes us more human.


I like your post,

Very good article @gmaktub, empathy is a feeling that we should develop in children because in this way they will know how another person feels if they do something bad. It is important that you learn about this feeling that will help you a lot in your future life in terms of interpersonal relationships. Regards!

Yes, it is very important to develop children's humble sense, so that when they grow up, they are good people!

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