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The planet Earth has been generous with all human beings, providing us with water, pure air, beautiful flowers, food, diversity of animals, endless benefits. While many human beings according to their attitude and lifestyle have been harming it little by little. That is why it is important that as educators or representatives we create activities where the love for the planet is renewed, which can also be translated as self-love, since it is our home.

You should do activities with children to take care of the planet daily, but this April 22, is a special day to celebrate it in style, since it is the world day of the planet earth and all countries celebrate it together.



School activities to celebrate the planet:

Trip to the park: The teachers organize a trip to the park, to perform various outdoor activities. In addition to teaching children the planting and watering of plants.



School Fair: The school entity together with the parents, provide a different day, with the school fair that includes:

Theater play: Work done by the students themselves, where they will represent a story related to the environment. With costumes of trees, flowers, animals and recycling containers. An easy way to learn, have fun and teach others the benefits of caring for the environment.

Singing band: Group of students singing songs to encourage care and love towards the planet.

Exhibition: Children can expose everything they have learned about caring for the planet earth in classes, and the possible consequences of not taking care of it.

Costumes: Prize for the best disguise made with recyclable materials, allusive to the environment.



All the activities In addition to giving knowledge to children, it helps to obtain a better integration with the environment and increases the feeling of love for the planet earth.

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