Benefits of classical music in children / Activities for home and school.

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It is common to see, how from pregnancy mothers place their children classical music, instrumental or relaxing in the belly so that the child will experience different emotions and sharpen their senses. The ideal is classical music. It is understood that sometimes people tend to consider this type of music boring or meaningless, but it is a mistake because it benefits in all areas of lif.

Classical music stimulates the functions of the brain involved in learning and therefore increases memory, attention and the ability to concentrate and understand. The numerical solution capacity is also favored and it promotes logical reasoning. Language, with an increase in vocabulary and greater ease of linguistic expression, is another of the benefits of classical music for children.



It is not about believing that classical music makes children smarter, but it is true that it helps them to better use their cognitive and emotional skills. A child who is accustomed to listening to classical music has more possibilities to develop his creativity, since music in general is one of the activities that most encourage imagination and sensitivity.

Benefits of listening and playing musical instruments:

  • It stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, mathematics and the proper handling of the emotions they experience.

  • Improves concentration, attention and memory.

  • Music helps people to be more social. Children who listen to music leave their shyness aside, strengthen their bonds and understand the importance of listening to others and of teamwork.

  • Improves self-esteem, giving security and motivation.

  • Teaches discipline, patience and values, such as empathy, solidarity, persevere, among others.

  • It provides a means of expression.

  • Improves constant learning. Music education is increasingly popular because of the excellent results it produces.



Activities that parents can do to encourage music in their children:

  • Put music down while the children sleep, or when they perform an activity such as playing or studying. It will help to stimulate your senses and create an atmosphere of calm.

  • Motivate him to perform activities with musical instruments. Children who play musical instruments, tend to be more organized, and to develop dedication, perseverance, and learn to work as a team.

  • Dedicate certain moments to dance as a family, so that everyone can express themselves through music. This also strengthens family ties.



Activities to do in classes:

  • Make presentations about the different types of music that exist and the benefit they have for people.

  • Speak about the great exponents of classical music, such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Mozart.

  • Make visits to the symphony of the city.

  • Make presentations about the different musical instruments.

  • Do activities or events where children can play musical instruments, sing or dance.



Many doctors recommend placing classical music to children with attention deficit or autism, to help them in their behavior due to the stimulation they perform in the areas of the brain. Music brings many benefits to children and adults, which is why it is important to implement it in daily activities.


music is a tonic to the soul. A very good post. shared on twitter

Thank you very much for the support and the comment. I am glad

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I enjoy playing jazz music as my background class "noise", and my students absolutely love them too. Thanks for sharing this post!

That a good technique. I think it's good and interesting. We should all do the same at some point.

Music can play such a wonderful role in our lives. From relaxation to pleasure to dance, music can be uplifting and motivating. I love having classical music playing in the background and have often had it playing in my class while students work independently. Classical jazz is also a great choice.

thanks for your contribution. I think you're right in everything you say. music is fundamental in everyone's life, when we are happy, sad, at all times it is good and helps.

Hello, in jest ... the music calms the beast haha!
Now seriously, it is very true and it has been scientifically proven that music achieves a stimulus in human beings, specifically in classical music. On the other hand, they indicate that the instrument that helps the best development of the brain is the piano.