How much do you know about Water?

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Water is the basis of life. When she leaves, everything freezes. But as soon as it is available to all living creatures, and in large numbers, life begins to beat again: flowers bloom, butterflies flutter, bees swarm ... With enough water in the human body, there is also Healing . and restoration of many functions.


To provide fluid to the body, it is necessary not only to drink water in its pure form, or in the form of compotes, teas and other liquids, but also as products that contain the maximum amount of water. Foods rich in water.

Water-rich foods


Water is a liquid without taste, color or smell. Because of its chemical composition, it is hydrogen oxide. In addition to the liquid state, water, as we know, has a solid and gaseous state. Despite the fact that most of our planet is covered with water, but the proportion of water suitable for the body is only 2.5%.

And if we take into account that 98.8% of the total amount of fresh water is in the form of ice, or is hidden underground, then there is very little supply of drinking water on Earth. And only the careful use of this valuable resource will help us save our lives!

Useful properties of water and its effect on the body.


We need water to dissolve in it the useful substances necessary for transport to various organs and systems. In addition, water plays an important role in the formation and functioning of all human body systems.

Without water, all vital processes will be minimized. Since the elimination of metabolic products is impossible without the presence of a sufficient amount of fluid in the body.

During water shortage, the metabolism also suffers. The lack of moisture is responsible for excess weight and the inability to quickly find the desired shape! Water hydrates the skin and mucous membranes, cleanses the body of toxins, is the basis of joint fluid.

With the lack of water, the joints begin to "creak." In addition, water protects internal organs from damage, maintains a constant body temperature and helps convert food into energy.

Signs of lack of water in the body.


  • Without enough moisture, the blood cannot carry out its functions. As a result, the body lacks nutrients and oxygen, and metabolic products cannot leave the body, which contributes to its poisoning.

  • Dryness, paleness and sagging skin, as well as brittle hair. Distraction, irritability and even headaches can also occur as a result of insufficient fluid intake during the day.

  • Plaque on the tongue and bad breath are important signs of lack of fluid and may indicate a violation of the water balance in the body.

Water and health


To support your body and avoid excessive moisture loss, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Drink a glass of water before each meal;
  2. After half or two hours after eating, you should also drink a glass of water (provided there are no medical contraindications);
  3. Dry foods can negatively affect your health and, therefore, as an exception, it is also recommended to drink water during that meal.


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