A father beats a child blue-black because she lost one of her school sandals is worst than that killer Fulani herdsmen in the north. People who believe "sparing the rod spoils the child" typically dismiss the enormous body of research showing that hitting children turns them into angry, resentful adults with psychological and emotional problems. A large meta-analysis of studies on the effects of punishment found that the more physical punishment children receive, the more defiant they are toward parents and authorities, the poorer their relationships with parents, the more likely they are to report hitting a dating partner or spouse. They are also more likely to suffer mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse problems, and less likely to empathize with others or internalize norms of moral behaviour. When been physical on a young child, you must be sure punishment is really called for in the circumstances but not to that extent of whipping a child like a slave. At times parents beat their child for failing to do what he or she is incapable of doing. A child that age is more capable of losing or damaging more school sandals than to maintain. The reason for this is biological: Self-control and focus is the function of the brains frontal lobes and the frontal lobes are not fully developed or fully connected to the rest of the brain until early adulthood.


This is sad! Parents should always control their angers especially when it comes to bulling of infants.. He should be dealt with...

I agree with you. Sometimes I wonder how this parent thinks. If you train your child well you won't have child issues. These kids are learning how to understand the world better. We should guide them not bully them.