The Useful Tips That Parents and Teachers Can Use in Dealing With Their Wards.

Kids this days can be very difficult to deal with. Many of them do not even have any regard for the authority of their parents and teachers. Some kids have turned to the master of their parents and teachers as they do what they like and they are not yielding to guidance and leading.

One of the best ways to have a fulfilled societal future is to build those that will handle the future and the best way to do so is by starting building a solid foundation for our kids.



This post will focus on the useful tips that parents and teachers can use in dealing with their wards.


Parents and Teachers must develop good communication skills with their wards:

One of the ways to build a solid foundation for the kids is by not looking at them as they are too small to understand some values. They need to be taught on respect and obedience.

When we impact in them at the tender stage it will become part of them and they will find it more easy if they see you doing what you are telling them to do.


Parents and Teachers are encouraged to be patient with their wards

It is patient that will help parents and teachers to understand their kids. You shouldn't expect them to know everything you are telling them or teaching them at once. It takes a gradual process and this is where the patient will set in.

We cannot run faster when we keep lifting two legs at a time. It is better moving one step at a time.


Parents and Teachers must not be too quick to react harshly when their wards disobey or flout rules.

Screaming at your wards angrily is never the best solution. It will be difficult to make the right decision when anger sets in. it easily creates fear in the heart of children whenever their parents and teachers shout at them. Let them realized what they did wrong and let them know the implications of what they did and how it can destroy their lives and future.


Parents and Teachers should be good examples to their wards;

Kids easily learn by what they see you doing than what you tell them to do.
You cannot ask them to do as you say and you do the opposite. Kids can easily be confused when there is a contradiction between what their parents and Teachers do and what they say.

Always live out what you are expecting from your wards in order for your labor to speak forth.


Teach them the word of God always.

One of the ways to know more about how to live life to the fullness is by always contacting the manual of our life which is the holy book. They need to be guided on what life is and how to live life to the glory of God.


Children are the leaders of tomorrow and a good or bad society is always depending on the teachings that they receive. Teach your wards in the way that he should go so that when he grows up he will still maintain the path


How I wish all parents and teachers can see this. Some parents dnt even allow their teachers to discipline them. Nice post Funky

Thanks for checking on me @oredebby

Great advice! Thank you for sharing!

Your fellow from @steemiteducation community.

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Woooow! Nice tips

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