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As a classroom teacher, I often find my students having the wrong priority.

Study is never their top priority. Their love relationship and friendship issues can totally take over their minds without a room for their studies.

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Homework is only an obstacle to their personal interest and teachers are their enemies of time.

Regardless of how much we try to tell them that their assessments are around the corner, they simply do not care.

We are just noise that disrupts their minds from issues related to love and friendship.


Without proper guidance, many students often become aggressive when they do not get what they dream of out of a boy-girl relationship.

They may even lack the understanding of the difference in mental development and maturity between boys and girls.

Boys tend to be more childish while girls can be more mature.

Without proper guidance, many students walk the wrong pathway and end up regretting it when they are in their adulthood when time cannot be turned back.

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Most schools have incorporated lessons related to growing up but many students may not take it seriously.

Many parents do neglect the need to discuss such matters with their children.

Schools do try to highlight the importance of such guidance to parents so that they can get involved and be in good partnership for healthy social and mental growth of their children.


I believe all of us can see that there are plenty of distractions around our children and even for us.

With social media and mobile apps like whatsapp, we are often glued to our mobile phones.

Our children are imitators of us and the use of mobile phones can be extremely addictive especially with lots of possible mobile games.

Many of us are even into mining cryptocurrency using our mobile phones.

As adults, we are constantly looking at our phone to see whether anyone has upvoted our posts on our social platform.

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Our children are unable to concentrate during normal classroom lessons as their minds are thinking about their games and their exciting chats on their mobile phones.

We need to direct their attention slowly away from different distractions without causing great resistance since addiction may already be rooted in them.

There may even be a need to send them for counselling or other professional help when things go out of hand.

In Conclusion

I would avoid writing long articles but there are a lot more issues that may often be obstacles.

We need to guide our children to set the right priority and it is not going to be easy especially due to generation gaps.

Our mindsets and their mindsets can be totally different so they may often feel that we do not understand them well.

We may even end up in an argument with our children when we do not handle it tactfully.

Regardless of how hard it may be, setting priority is a lifeskill that even adults like us would need to have.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

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