Choosing A Secondary School

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PSLE results would be released in November and P6 students would need to make a decision of which secondary school they can apply for based on their PSLE results.

I personally would advise my students not to choose schools that are too far away so that they do not spend too much time on travelling especially if they are the ones who may oversleep often.

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All students are required to choose a Co-Curricular Activity in secondary school so they need to consider the school that they are choosing does offer the Co-Curricular Activity that they are interested in.

Different secondary schools may also offer different niche programmes that can stretch one’s potential if the niche programme fits nicely the talent of the student.

With many different considerations, students should make 6 choices with the 1st being their top choice.

P6 students had passed their important milestone and it is the next critical decision of their life to choose the right secondary school for themselves.

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