A Day In A Britain School

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This nice videoclip shows us how studying in Britain would be like for a kid.

I must admit it is totally different from my local schools.

Most kids were well-dressed in their neat uniforms with a tie.

It also started school later compared to my local schools. The normal school hours would start from 7.30 am for the first period and most students are expected to arrive in school by 7.15 am.

Video Source

They had their lunch using fork and knife which my local schools probably would avoid the use of knife due to safety reasons.

Some of the kids can be rather playful and they may just use it for fights.

In this school, there was indeed a rich curriculum for each child.

From computer lessons to outdoor activities, most kids seemed to enjoy what they have in school.

It is great for kids to love learning and have fun at the same time.

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