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When studying cartoons a person should look at;

a. The Characters

  • Are the characters figures in their own rights or do they represent stereotypes?

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  • Are they depicted normally or as caricatures (ridiculous exaggeration) of themselves?
    Well-known personalities are often caricatured with exaggerated facial features.
  • Note facial expressions, body language and relationships between characters.

b. Background and Setting

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  • Where and when is the scene taking place?
  • Is the cartoon based on fact or fiction?

c. Language and Punctuation

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  • Diction - does it make use of slang, jargon and/or colloquialism?
  • Structure - does it use single words, phrases or sentences?
  • How does the punctuation affect the mood and the tone?

d. Actions

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  • These are expressed pictorially by the clever use of lines, facial expressions and symbols.

e. Objectives

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  • Is the intention of the cartoon to educate, inform, entertain or satirise?
  • Has the cartoonist achieved his or her objective?
  • How has he or she achieved this objective?

Your Commentary

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All answers should be substantiated with close reference to the text in question.

  • The language in the bubble will be direct speech.
  • Your commentary on the cartoon will be written in indirect, narrated or reported speech.

The Animated Cartoon

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Animated cartoons appeal to all ages although they are ostensibly aimed at children.

  • Adults often enjoy them for their subtle humour and deeper meanings e.g. The 'Shrek' movie.
    These are the aspects that are usually discussed.
  • Animated cartoons may also be analysed using film study techniques.

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Source: EBH Joubert: Visual Literacy. Studying Cartoons.

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