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Group Speaking or Choral Verse

The interpretation of the poem by the group has to be uniform in order to convey the message of the poem.

1. Grouping

Grouping plays an important part in choral verse.

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a. Physical Grouping:

The group artistically, but avoid spreading the group too far apart.

  • Vary the levels of the speakers e.g. some standing on chairs, some sitting on chairs, standing on floor level, sitting on the floor and even using ladders or rostra (platforms).
  • Sizes of groups within the group may be varied

b. Voice Grouping:

The group should appear to speak together, feel together and think together.

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  • Most of the poem is usually spoken by the entire group.
  • Certain lines and sections may be interpreted by various voices according to tone - girls/boys, high/low.
  • Occasionally a individual voice may be used.

Since choral verse speaking involves interpretation of a group of the works of poetry, it is also governed by rules and methods of interpretation. Since it makes use of many voices, bodies, and minds working together, there is the need to learn the proper techniques of choric interpretation. Remember that good choral verse speaking or choric interpretation is more than just a group of people saying the same words at the same time and standing and stopping altogether. In choral verse speaking, precision is important because, without it, the audience cannot understand what is being said.

Choral verse speaking or choric interpretation, as a form of literary interpretation of poetry, involves a director and a group. The members of the group are chosen on the basis of the quality and tone of their voices, for, as in choir singing, there is the choice of a tenor, a contralto, a basso, an alto and the common tone, the same thing is true in choral verse speaking where the director selects the voice group on the basis of the quality and tonal pattern of the voices that will bring out the beauty and desired emotional effect of the poetry being recited aloud.

Source: EBH Joubert: English Grammar in Poetry/Prose

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