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A Noun is a naming word.

  • Every person, place or thing is identified with a name, without which we would not be able to communicate or understand one another.
  • There are four types of nouns: Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, Abstract Nouns and Collective Nouns.

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Collective Nouns

A Collective Noun is the name of a collection or a group of objects, people or creatures:

a flight of stairs
a gaggle of geese
a string of pearls

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  • A collective noun is a descriptive way of saying 'lots of...' (Avoid saying 'lots of' as this is slang.)
  • We may use the collective noun without the noun to which it refers:
    The Staff (of teachers) was unanimous in its decision.
  • Many accepted lists of collective nouns are available, but it is exciting to try to create your own. These will not be found in books e.g. a chatter of staff members, a bumble of bees, a waddle of ducks.

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Some Collective nouns

  • an academy of performers/students
  • an anthology of poems
  • an aquarium/catch/school/shoal of fish
  • an archpelago of islands
  • an arrangement/bunch/bouquet/vase of flowers
  • an array/rainbow of colours
  • an audience of spectators
  • an aviary of birds

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Source: EBH Joubert: English Grammar: Collective Nouns


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