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This is how the day is called when thousands of South Africans, not too long ago, wore the color of mourning to show their respect to all victims murdered in the country and to the victims of farm murders.

This fit of protest has been instigated by the killing of the 47-year old Joubert Conradie on his farm close to Cape Town and the touching video message by his friend, Chris Loubser, released on social media, shortly after his friend was shot.

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Joubert who left his wife and children, Hannes (15) and Jana (11), behind, became the face of an emotional issue overnight of farm murders and a farming community who feels besieged in a country where everybody over all borders suffers from crime.


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Please be aware of graphic material.

Crime affects all of us and must not become something that divides us.

Statistics released last month by the government shows an increase in the murder rate in South Africa, from 18 673 in 2016 to already 19 016 to date this year. This makes it 343 or an increase of 1,8% more murders so far, and it is not the end of 2017 yet.
The police do not keep separate statistics on farm murders, but several organizations keep their own record which can differ from one another.
Farm murders have increased between 2012 and 2016 with 33%. So far in 2017, 70 people already lost their lives in farm attacks. This is according to the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).
The biggest problem is that statistics and data get maladjusted for political purposes or a specific political agenda. This contributes greatly to the fact that no solution can be reached against crime or the killing of farmers. Farm attacks influence white and black farmers, farmworkers and everybody’s next of kin.

Picture below

  • Family slaughtered while watching TV
  • Old lady murdered
  • Women chopped into pieces
  • Little white kids are horribly murdered
  • Women raped, strung up & gutted

White Genocide

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Black on White Genocide

White farmers are the target of aggression and the murders are not accidental or common crimes. If you look at the barbaric way in which farmers are killed, they are slaughtered and terrorized in a horrific, evil manner. Children are killed in front of their parents, wives and mothers are gang-raped in front of their husbands and children. Men are massacred with pangas, illegal guns, and machetes.

Is White Genocide Real in South Africa?

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Ethnic Cleansing

The majority is on a mission of ethnic cleansing, with the repeated quote “Africa is for Africans” and most are drawn to this mission. They claim that it is not the white man who built South Africa. It is the exploitation of cheap labor that built the country and it was the manipulation of whites that stole everything the black man worked for. Most are blinded by their hatred and cannot think outside the box, that it was indeed the white population who brought knowledge, skills, and education to South Africa. In a democratic South Africa, you are not allowed to say anything in this direction, then you will be branded as a racist and taken to court. But unfortunately, you cannot wipe out the history of a country.

The Silence of the Government and Media

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Cause of Hatred

Apartheid was very wrong and is most probably the cause of all the hatred towards white South Africans. Even though there was segregation, there was justice, a good working infrastructure, and housing for all. The lives of all South Africans mattered. Crime and terrorism were not tolerated. The evil acts of terrorism to overpower a government was treason. Most of the people wanted freedom and democracy. I was one who fought for that freedom and democracy, just to find myself not free anymore. Black and white have been forced to live in a prison environment. High walls decorated with barbed wire and electric fencing, surveillance cameras, armed response, alarms, more watchdogs than a person can afford and other safety measures. Is this freedom? I was lucky enough to have tasted what real freedom was.

Freedom of Speech in a Democratic SA

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Freedom and democracy were given to the African National Congress (ANC) party in 1994. It was under this new democracy that South Africa began to understand the hatred and violence of black people towards white people. With each passing year, white people are targeted, attacked, murdered, bludgeoned to death in the most horrific manner.
White people, the minority group in South Africa, are dominated, isolated and brutally murdered. White people are not paranoid but filled with fear. It feels as if there is no hope for whites in South Africa, there is a slow genocide happening and as the white population dwindles, so does the hope of survival. Black people have the power and are in control, yet they blame the whites for the current corrupt governance.

Julius Malema, the Architect of Hate

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It is the mindset of the majority that argues that the white population are nothing other but thieves, racists, and manipulators. Whites are perceived as having a racist superiority with limited knowledge. Whites are also considered as dumb, lazy, daft and ignorant and only live in their small world of whiteness. All these accusations spell out hatred towards the minority.

Encourage to Hate

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Politicians to successful business people, energize and encourage the majority to hate the white minority.
The majority will never move forward if the hatred toward whites, corruption, and greed remain. The rest of Africa tells the true story of African dominance and failure.
The majority will argue that the pale white face murdered millions of Africans, stole gold, mineral resources, and land and become economically empowered to the expense of the black man.

Please Help

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People have been campaigning and petitioning for help all over the world, for years now. Genocide is a reality and people are angry and afraid of the future.
Over the years the violent assaults on whites have been macabre and more frequent. As laws are implemented to exclude whites from the workplace, it places an additional burden on families to survive. When white children are bullied and assaulted in schools, the reality of racial hatred materialize. When white women are gang-raped by black men, the will to live disappears.

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There is antagonism towards the white people and as long as the architects of hate speech continue to invigorate hatred and indoctrinating the uneducated, unemployed, there will never be a peaceful resolution.

Let us all take hands and pray for SA. The majority of us want to live in peace

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Lol. Are you insane? Are you really talking only about what's happening to whites over there? It would be one thing if you had equitable statistics and said it's a problem of both sides, but it's clear that there's a story you're trying to tell here that treats black Africans as the main perpetrators. It is you who appear to be ignorant. Please examine your dogma.

Also, a post with these sorts of pics needs to be tagged nsfw. Kindly do so from now on.


Thank you for reading my post. No, I am not insane. Sorry if the pictures affected you, unfortunately, it is the reality. It is widely published in the newspapers and magazines, even on national television. This post is only to make people aware of what is currently happening to our farmers and the reason for the killings. I could not find any equitable statistics on whites killing black farmers.
Since Black Monday, there were 8 more senseless killings. I am not living in the past anymore and would like to move on. My wish is for everybody living in South Arica to live the life that was meant to be when we became a democracy. But, with greedy and corrupt politicians who only take care of themselves, this might just be a dream or fantasy for all of us.


First off, thank you for your tempered response. However, I still must respectfully disagree.

This post is only to make people aware of what is currently happening to our farmers and the reason for the killings

Hmm. No, it seems to be only talking about what's happening to white farmers, and that's where there's an issue. It's horrible what's happened to these people, and it's clear that you guys have some pretty deep seated issues over there for this to be going on (not that we can really talk here in the States).

My issue is the 'could not find any equitable statistics' part. What exactly do you mean by this? It seems to mean that you ignored some statistics because you didn't like them (i.e., they seemed to draw a picture that was quite different from the one you prefer).

If South Africa is really keeping legitimate tabs only on the amount of white people killed, then your problems go much deeper than anyone supposes.

At any rate, I think your wish that everyone living there can experience democracy is a noble one and I agree that politicians are often so busy playing their games that positive change can be slow. Good luck, and best wishes to the families of those effected.


Our problems are unique and we will cross this bridge as we have crossed all the other bridges in the past. We are a very strong nation, black and white together, who all stand together, and we will all fight together for what belongs to us, until the bitter end.

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I like your choice of words, you dissect, analyze and reply beautifully. We must respect everybody's opinion.
Thank you, I enjoy having this debate with you!
From your new 'tempered' friend in SA

At this stage so many of us are living in fear , but it is not a colour thing, it is a human thing and the lack of compassion. So many people can not let go of the past. We have such a wonderful country - why not take hand and build it up and forget the past and the hate. We also have wonderful people in SA no matter what the colour of their skin .


South Africa is indeed the most beautiful place to live in. Most of the people want to live peacefully, but as long as we have the instigators like Malema etc. who brainwash the unemployed and teach them to hate, it would be difficult to have real freedom. I believe that SA is going to change for the better, all our prayers won't be in vain. Thank you for your positive comment.

So terrible! I have a friend who has told me about this. Many of the whites in South Africa have been there for generations.

Murder, rape, violence of any kind, should be shunned as a political tool. I do not know if these numbers are correct, but whether the victims are white or black is irrelevant - these are human beings who were attacked by other human beings. The human race, everywhere, is at a tipping point. Visit Dayton (Ohio) some time ... Baltimore ... I've seen some of these places in the USA ... believe me, the violence has almost nothing to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with desperation and misery. Good luck to S. Africans of any skin color - good luck to us all. A very difficult time lay ahead.


Thank you very much for your reply.


Hi Frieda, thank you for this post. As a fellow South African it breaks my heart to see what is happening to my people every single day! Lot of people say why we only mention the crimes on white people? Because they are being targeted, the hate crime is against them and there is no one that stand up for them. Yes there is many-many crimes in S.A. but the the farm murders and attacks is 100% black on white crimes. There are some great documentaries on S.A. now do have a look at these youtube links:

The problem is that slimy black politicians have lied to their people that if they take the farms currently owned by white farmers, then they would become very rich.

That is a blatant lie. Unfortunately, the global powers-that-be like it when people are fighting, hence the reason they never condemn this kind of brainwashing.

Just look at what is happening in Europe. In a few years' time, people will probably be fighting it out in the streets of Europe, between 'refugees' and whites.

Thank you for spreading awareness of this issue in #southafrica.
Please follow us, and help spread the word regarding the farm murders here.

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