The importance of shapping the children characters from early age

Establishing the good character for children is the responsibility of all parents, where all parents are required to provide the education for children under five as one way to shape the character and personality of children in the future. Every parents want her children have a good character, have a bright future and useful for the country and nation.


One of the obligations of parents is to educate them in the womb by providing a positive stimulus from the outside and from the inside until he was born. Surely the first education is in the family where both parents are as teachers before the children are given education outside the formal schools. The success of children in the future is dependent on education within the family.

At the age of 0-6 years, the child's brain will grow very fast up to 80 percent, at that age the child's brain will receive various stimulus from the outside and will also absorb various information, good or bad information. At that age the child will also record what he hears without choosing either a bad or good words. At that time the physic and mental development of children will be formed, that period is called the golden age.

Therefore, it is expected that all parents to utilize the golden age in a positive direction by always teaching good character, controlling the development of children and also controling the child's environment. Because at this time the child will determine his good-bad character in the future.

The purpose of shapping the character for the children in early age are as:

  1. Developing the potential of the child to be a good person, whether in the family or in the community.
  2. Quality human resources, because the education of good character will produce quality human beings to change the nation and the country to a better direction.
  3. Creating people who love the truth, courtesy, caring, peace, justice and humility.

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