Teaching Students Memorization Techniques To Study For Exams

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One duty of good teachers is to teach students methods they can use to memorize their lessons quickly. When students are tested regularly on class materials it is necessary for teachers to show students techniques to help them study and remember what they are being taught.

Far too often, students are neglectful in preparing for exams. Teacher can inform students about the material they need to study and the dates of exams, but students may be irresponsible in studying at home. One reason why is that students have a hard time memorizing lessons at home without the mentoring of a teacher.

There are different lessons teachers can show their students to assist them in learning how to memorize material on their own. If students are forced to take exams without proper preparation their results will not be satisfactory and the students won’t succeed. As indicator of success is answering test material correctly, and when students are well prepared they will find it easy to give the right answers.

Tips To Help Students Memorize Material For Exams


When in the classroom, a teacher can write down potential test questions on the blackboard, then ask students to answer the questions. Children are given the opportunity to prepare their thoughts before exams through the use of review sessions. Reviewing exam materials with a teacher present allows students to ask questions to fully understand course materials. Review sessions can be short, lasting 10 to 15 minutes.


Students have notebooks and textbooks to use for their studies. As part of lessons they are asked to read pages and chapters. One study technique is to have students hold their study materials instead of letting them sit on a desk or table. By holding their books/notebooks the students will be focused on their materials. Show students how to hold their books parallel to the face, tilted slightly down. Make students face their exam materials without being lazy and putting their books down.


When memorizing it is important to keep eyes focused on study materials. Students should be taught to look straight ahead without shifting their eyes left, right, up, or down. Keep eyes fixed on study materials and concentrate. By maintaining concentration, students won’t be distracted by other things going on in the world.


Teach students to read their materials aloud. By reading study materials out loud the act of speaking can help students retain information. Teachers can have all their students read out loud together in class as practice. At first they should say the study material by reading it off the page of their notes or books. After a while, have the students repeat information with their eyes closed. By saying information out loud over and over they will learn how to memorize course materials.

These methods have been applied by teachers in my junior high school when students are having trouble memorizing lessons. By practicing these methods before daily exams, students have been more successful in their studies. I hope these tips help and I wish all my educator friends good luck.

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I remember having a teacher that tried to do teach different every lesson, so the individual student can learn something from it! So there was one lesson for the visual student, who learns things faster by seeing colors and having everything structured and then we had a class for students like me, who had to go into the practical area to "do" something to remember the context of the lesson! I really liked her way of teaching :)

Yeah! A great teacher, not only has the ability to convey knowledge, experience and set a good example, but also able to inspire their students so that they can develop their own potential and have good morals.
You are very lucky to have such a teacher! :)

Very good post and explanation about education for studen, long life to education and esucation is solution for us.

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