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Discussions about biological children (real children) must actually start from a large systematically planned program before a couple is united in a marriage bond. Such a large program is the preparation with sufficient learning about the management of a family so that it can bring the born generation to a better future.
Many of the tragedies in a family are sparked by small issues and then spill into a major dispute and lead to the conclusion of the family's own collapse. And a divorce is a real blow to their children, surely they will grow from a different perspective when there is a third party they do not know before.
So it is very important for anyone who will start a life together called the "family" to understand that among them will present another life and requires all efforts to be noticed and protected. This article will contribute some knowledge about family management, explore common family problems, as well as contributing solutions in genetic perspectives.


What is a biological child?
It is a child / generation, who has received directly the genetic inheritance of both parents, regardless of the perspective of legal legality [1] .
At a glance we will look at the process of creating a creature named "human" that has been approved by all experts, this explanation aims to underline the genetic heritage line. In the process of the initial process, millions of male sperm have been shed into the woman's womb (the relationship of two human types). in the womb, millions of sperm travel long to meet and join the female ovum, and in general only one sperm cell is able to penetrate the female egg cell wall to form a zygote. Then, the zygote will go through several phases in its development. Pre-Embryonic Phase, Zygote enlarges through cell division. The Embryonic Phase, the organ of the human body is formed. Phase Fetus, all the organs of the body have grown perfectly, then this phase continues to walk so give birth [2] . Meaning that until the human baby is born it is clear that he inherited the genetic heritage of the parent.

In a scientific perspective it can be proven that the child of biology is the heir of the parent genetics as a whole, this evidence can be found in various sides in a children and this perspective can be a logical reference for understanding and leading them to the goal of strengthening personal capacity through the education given to them. We often hear a simple phrase "it is only his parents who most understand about his son" this sentence is actually a genetic perspective. The fundamental problem in many cases is that parents who do not understand this perspective and instead make external perspectives as a child's development platform, meaning is the child will come to be someone else from out of a logical genetic line, so the children very difficult to accept it because the forced instrument is completely unknown by the genetics that exist in him.

The above statement does not mean that a person can not changed to an external perspective outside of genetic logic, such as a person with an artist background and then his child as an army (different perspective), which underline in here is the child inherits the artist's genetics, and the external perspective attached to it is the insistence of factor x in a complicated decision.


In a family with two of parents and some children is certainly a group in the plurality of ways of thinking of each individual in a simple sphere. At any moment pluralism will produce some minor disputes between individuals when a problem stops at the crossroads of completion. The main role is of course on the priority of the head of the family (male parents) solution and the other taking into consideration the proposed solution, there is general visuals of communication built into the middle family, meaning is, the family community has a mature understanding intelligence.

Building on family integrity, this is the initial concept we talk about in a young family with a simple and limited experience. In fact, the family has three people and will become a few people in the following years. The focus point on this journey is how parents understand their children so that their family wakes up in future maturity.

Referring to the above explanation of genetic inheritance, it is from this that parents form a balanced understanding that each parent should establish him self as a basic understanding platform for his or her children. How is that done ...? Firstly, both parents should evaluate their individual references, there is a classification of positive and negative life behaviors in their lives, of course the negative classification is the part that must be discarded in order not to be contaminated in education of their children. This certainty is very important because it will be the basic theory of a child in the formation of his character.

Second, their children are genetically identical copy paste of them self, meaning that the parent's behavior and understanding the child is based on their own portrait (relevant positive behavior) not by reading a thousand-page manual and not yourself. Third, the doctrine of children's capacity for the family and its future as a top priority in the highest achievement of all efforts to be deployed. Fourth, the environment is an integral part of children's development and you really understand how your experience when adopting the character of an environment so as to affect your self [3][4]. In fact, in this case you and your child have the same understanding in adopting the environment (logically), then the explanation and understanding of the environment in terms of your wisdom will make it easier for them to decide to adopt positive values ​​from their environment.


The temporary conclusion that can be formulated here is that technically speaking in understanding children, you must understand yourself first because they are your own selves that can not be forced beyond the genetic boundaries they inherit.

To be Continue ... Message of Golden Generation


[3]Families First-Keys to Successful Family Functioning
[4]The Impact of Effective Communication in the Family


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