Learn And Contest 6

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This is among the series I initiated to see how far we know our trees in terms of their usefulness, and at the same time providing us with some reward for doing some research about the tree in question.

However, I will like to state that it is not a contest in a general contest sense where one or two persons take the prize because everyone who contributes meaningfully will likely get some form of rewards. Let's get the rules down my people.

Identify the English and botanical names of the plant below ( you can include the native name in your language)

  • Resteem this post and Comment your Answer.

  • Write any relevant thing about the Plant In your comment.

  • The Contest ends When The Right Answer Is Provided.

  • Prize is 1.5SBDs, but I may change my mind if I see some nice entries about the plant. Do a little research. Get creative😀

  • Please back up your answer with a picture evidence from anywhere if possible.

  • If no one gets the answer after 48hours of this post, the answer will be featured next tuesday.

    First shot.


I decided to take another shot thereafter:

HINT: The FIFA world cup kicked off today without a shoe in my dream 😁.

Let's talk soccer. Did you watch the opening ceremony or the first match of the tournament? It will be nice to get your views.

My signout message is:

If You Don't Have a Dream, How Will You Make a Dream Come True?



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Hi friends how are you, today I come to talk about the Anacardium occidentale, also known as cajú, anacardo, castaña de cajú, marañón, caguil o merey is a tree native to the Amazon region of northeast Brazil, southeast Venezuela and part of Colombia and Peru.



Congrats and thanks for participating. Your sbd has been sent.


Thank you friend, excellent survey that you formulate this fruit tree in very good so participate


in my country it's called merey .very good contest

The pictures are not clear but It looks like a Almond tree. Botanical name is Prunus Dulcis.

I didn't watch the match but folliwed the score. 5-0 chisos.


This got me cracked up :)

I didn't watch the match but folliwed the score. 5-0 chisos.

I will reveal the answer after 48hours, just hang on. You may be either right or wrong 😀.

Thanks for your comment


I'm glad you laughed. If you want more, visit my blog.

Please laugh responsibly.


:) I will try

First of all I want to say a big thank you for giving me a clue on football shoe, that really sound funny.

This is a cashew tree.
The botanical name is Anarcardium occidentale.

It is a tropical evergreen tree that produces cashew seed and the cashew apple.

The cashew nut can be fried and eaten and the cashew apple can be eaten as well.

It has a red and yellow specie images (7).jpeg

Cashew fruit has a lot of benefits, they include the following :healthy heart, strong nerve, muscle function. They provide relief from diabetes, anaemia and gallstones. They also help to build our immune system.


Congratulations. Your SBD has been sent

As you can see, the merey is yellow and red too ...

Hope you like


Nice Photography although the Contest has ended. You received a consolation prize for coming around though. I wish you success on subsequent ones.