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Mirrors.. They are indispensable objects of our lifes and they hold thousands of years of history until they have been shaped as today. It satisfied the feeling of wonder of human since its first example seen in history. It has been always an object with its secrets that was considered and probed by researchers. Different cultures in the world have different beliefs, myths about mirrors and even rituals that has been made today. It is indicator of fear in some cultures and indicator of respect in another's. In some tribes mirror became the symbol of knowing yourself and making your own journey in your lifetime. Especially before the monotheistic religions, mirror was considered sacred and fortunate. Breakage of mirrrow was predicted both in Rome and in Shaman and Anatolia as bad luck. In some communities it was thought to be lived 7 years of misfortune. This belief has been seen even today on some parts of Anatolia, Balkans and Asia. Mirror is also a metaford that was not lacking in the middle-of-the-century spiritual literature. It was also indispensable for the witches.

There are unknowns that have been the subject of research even today on mirrors. Because the reflection inside the mirror lasts forever, it is accepted also today that mirror carries infinite. Because the information of mirror making was hidden for centuries between the masters and apprentices, we call the layer that makes the glass surface mirror as "glaze ( secret ) ". Is it just a coincidence to call it secret for this layer to make mirror? Do mirrors have secrets? Is it a coincidence to use mirrors as a threat tool in horror movies?

Here is the unknown facts about mirrors

  • Mirror absorbs the energy. Than reflects it again to you.. Never look at mirror when you are sad or angry. Never fight with someone in front of mirror.

  • Mirror carries the energy of the person who uses it. That's why never take and use a mirrow of someone else. Especially a dead persons mirror. Because that mirrow saw the entire life of his old owner. His all sadnesses, tears, fights. So if you look at that mirror it will reduce your energy. It can even saw his owners death. It's not also a good idea to buy a antique mirror.

  • Never put a mirrow facing to your bed in your bedroom. Even if you don't look at mirrow, it is reflecting you all the night while you are sleeping and it reduces your energy. But to put a mirrow to the entrance of your home is very important. Because of the reflection of mirror, whoever comes to your home, if they have any negative thoughts, the mirrow will reflect it back to them once they enter your home. So you will be protecting your home from bad eyed people.

  • Do you knows that the mirrors are used to call the spirits in rituals? At night they settle the mirrors and put a candle in front them. They see the spirits in the mirrors. It is believed that mirrors are the doors for spirits to come our world. So never look at mirror at night in dim light or in candlelight. If you do that, you could see another face probably a horrible face or a spirit in the mirror. There are people even claim that they hear some voices or screams coming from mirror..

  • You could be unprotected aginst the attacking of negative spirits while you sleep at night. It is also detected that there was a mirror on the people's room who had nightmares or attacked by spirits at nights. So if you have a mirror in your room, cover it at nights.

I hope you like my topic. In my country to look at mirrow so long is not recommended. They say it makes you mad. Breakage of mirrow is also bad luck. I wonder do you have any different beliefs about mirrors in your culture.

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