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Our bodies are like complex worlds. They are full of mysteries which we can't understand most of the time. no machine that man has designed is as complicated and expert as human body.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit language. In our body there are 7 circular vortexes of energy centres known as Chakra. These chakras are connected to different organs or glands or big neural networks in body and they are responsible for uniform distribution of "Chi" (life energy) through them. Opening the Chakras and increasing the energy flow means to be healthy. When there is a disruption in this life energy or blockage in any Chakras, the individual may suffer from health or mental issues. A deficiency in this ecosystem can wreak havoc in the different areas of life.

Each Chakra is related with a secretory gland in hormonal system which is controlling various functions of our existence. Slowness of functions of these secretory glands will bring effects on our mood, behaviour, perspective and ability to struggle. Depending on the condition of glands, we can be pessimistic, fearful, furious or happy, peaceful, safe. Secretory glands are connected to brain and from there connected to sides of our mental, emotional, spiritual existence. So you can play an effective role on healing your mind, body and soul. To do that, we should be aware of energy spreading from each Chakra and when necessary, we should work on that Chakra.

Each Chakra is also associated with specific Chakra colours. Let's have a look each Chakras meanings and colours..


  • The Root Chakra defines our relation to Earth. It impacts our vitality, passion, security, survival instincts.
  • It is located in base of spine.
  • Chakra colour is red.
  • If this chakra is balanced, you feel security, stable, energetic, grounded, optimal weight, healthy eating, proper elimination.
  • If this chakra is unbalanced, you feel fear, insecure, anxiety, anemia, low self-esteem, over/under weight.
  • To balance this chakra, accept yourself. Try to learn not to criticise yourself. Accept the people around you as they are. Control your anger. Love yourself. Love your life. Leave your past and your past pains. Start your day with gratitude.


  • The Sacral Chakra relates to water element in human body. It impacts sexuality, joy, desire, creativity and compassion.
  • It is located between genital and navel
  • Chakra colour is orange.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, creativity, joy, sexuality, healty sex life, prosperity, patience, pleasure, fertility.
  • If this Chakra in unbalanced, you feel guilty, shyness, irresponsible, infertility, sexual issues, allergy.
  • To balance this Chakra, other than blaming each other, give love, support and understanding to your partner. Also don't blame yourself. If you keep blaming yourself especially on money and sexual issues in relationships, this feeling will poison you. Try to find what makes you happy in this life. Use your creativity in any fields of your life without fear of doing something wrong. If you want to learn something, read more searh more. It is never too late to be a master on something. Physical activities will run your Sacral Chakra in highest.


  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is the personal power Chakra that is responsible for one's personel and professional success. It associated with fire, energy, charge.
  • It is located between navel and solar plexus.
  • Chakra colour is yellow.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, you feel energy, strength, confidence, strong will, mental balance, health, active.
  • If this Chakra in unbalanced, you feel guilty, lack of energy, weakness, fatigue, low self-esteem, worthlessness, digestion or liver problem.
  • To balance this Chakra, the person who wants to stop smoking or making diet should activate this chakra. Because this chakra has authority on human activities. To activate this Chakra, make breathe exercises. How to do it? Stop breathing from your lungs and start to breathe from your stomach. Take a thick book and place it onto your stomach. When you inhale, push the book out with your stomach, when you exhale, the air in your stomach will go out so push the book toward your back. You can make this exercise 3 minutes per day.


  • The Heart Chakra influences our relationships and has the air element.
  • It is located in the centre of chest.
  • Chakra colour is green.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, you feel loving, empathetic, open-hearted, serenity, emotionally balanced, trustfulness, tolerance.
  • If this Chakra is unbalanced, you feel loneliness, demanding, critical, jealous, cold-hearted, fear to lose loved ones, heart and lung problem, asthma and allergies.
  • To balance this Chakra, love..Love is the opposite of fear. And gratitude is the first step to get rid of fear. When you feel fear, you should deal with this. Passing from fear to gratitude will change your life and health by going better every day. Once you start feeling concerned, ask yourself "what does this brings to me? How much important is it? "


  • The Throat Chakra is associated with the ability to communicate, listen etc.
  • It is located in throat.
  • Chakra colour is blue.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, peaceful, truthful, listening, good communication, strong self-expression.
  • If this Chakra is unbalanced, shy, weak voice, fear of speaking, unable to listen, lying, thyroid, throat problems.
  • To balance this Chakra, be yourself and be honest. Be aware of your words' power. and be aware of effects of your talking on your body, soul and minds. You can change your life with the power of words. If you talk positively, you will live positive life and viceversa. You can repeat some specific positive words to open your throat chakra. You can use affirmations.


  • The Third Eye Chakra is connected to Pineal or pituitary gland. It is center of knowing and monitoring.
  • It is located in forehead, between the eyes.
  • Chakra colour is indigo.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, you feel flow of life, telepathic abilities, bright dreams, charismatic personality, creativity, joy, adaptability, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure.
  • If this Chakra is unbalanced, you feel isolation, manipulative, panic, nightmare, migraines, guilt, rigidity, unimaginative, poor memory.
  • To balance this Chakra, use your imagination power. An idea first come out in our mind. Than we create an image in our mind. The clearer we keep this image in our mind and the more feelings we upload to this image, the more we pass it to our life. Because ee give them a substantial form. We all have intuition but we should improve it. The best way of it is yoga and meditation. If you open yourself to intuition, you find big messages.


  • The Crown Chakra is associated with pituitary gland, nervous system, the brain and head region with its element of light. This Chakra can render the individuals the ability to perform miracles, transcend the laws of nature.
  • It is located on the top of head.
  • Chakra colur is violet or purple.
  • If this Chakra is balanced, you feel spiritual, blessed, untiy, wisdom, ope-minded, peaceful, connected to universe.
  • If this Chakra is unbalanced, you feel mental disorders, fear, materialistic, memory and learning problems, broken, spiritual crisis.
  • To balance this Chakra, be aware of that you are in control of your body and your life. Because only you, control your thinking. Forgiveness releases the charge of all imprints the mind and Chakras.

After I searched about the pictures of Chakras, I was very surprised with something. I noticed that my mobile phones cover is the symbol of Crown Chakra ;) When I bought it last year, I just learned that it is related with Yoga. It is a very meaningful coincidence that I have learned now it is the symbol of a Chakra while preparing my article..

I wish you like my topic.. I always try to enlighten myself and the people around me...

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