The Secretes of Wealth

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  Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday Story Series (SSS),please  relax and enjoy it.  

Little Chima was born into little village of Digo some years ago, the little Chima usually accompany his parents to farm which was the major occupation of the family. His father equally hunts sometimes just to provide some meats for his household.  One sunny afternoon, Chima was at home alone as he father went hunting while his mother went to the market. 


While playing around their home, Chima saw a big bird perching on a low tree just a stone throw from their house.  On sighting the bird, Chima skillfully and smartly walked towards the bird while avoiding noise so the bird will not see him and fly away. 

The melodious tune the bird was singing which reechoes within the environment could not allow the bird notice the boy until Chima closed in and caught the bird. Feeling very happy, Chima took the bird into his father’s cage and locked it.


Few minutes after, the bird started singing another song which made Chima sat attentively near the cadge listening to the sweet melodies from the bird.   After singing more than ten different songs, the bird stopped singing; Chima thought that the bird is probably hungry and rushed to bring some food for the bird but was disappointed that the bird refused to eat. Worried, the little Chima asked the bird what he will do for it to continue singing. 

The bird told Chima that he is such a lucky child to have caught him. The bird told Chima that he is going to teach him three laws which are secrets of wealth, it explained that if only Chima will keep the laws he is going to give him, he will certainly become wealthy. 


Chima became much happier and promised the bird that he will keep the law as he will like to be wealthy as the bird promised. The little Chima sat quietly as the bird unravels three secretes of wealth. The bird gave the secretes as (1) keep what you have to make you rich. (2) Don’t cry for what you do not have. The bird keep quiet after saying the second law and Chima asked for the last secrete.  

The bird asked Chima to unlock the cage to allow him explain the law, and Chima anxious to learn the third law opened the cage.  The bird flew away and patched on a tall tree nearby and told the little Chima that since he failed to keep the first law by not keeping what he has, he may not teach him the third law. 

Chima felt bad that he has lost the bird even without learning the secretes and started crying, the bird again told little Chima that he has just violated the second law by crying for what he don’t have and flew away. Chima could no longer hold his tears not minding whatever law he may be violating.   

What do you think; did the little boy act foolishly or otherwise? 

Your inputs are welcomed.                          

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I really do commend you for this post. It is indeed insightful and full of wisdom... I do not think little chima acted foolishly though it seemed so because the bird had just warned him not to let go what will make him rich. But on the other hand, every student must follow the instructions of his teacher else he won't pass. Now from the angle of the Bird (the teacher) the third law was actually the practical aspects of what he had just tought him. Because 'experience' they say is the best teacher. Therefore the bird needed him to have the experience of the first law and what it means to hold on to what will make him rich, and how it hurts if he let go of it, and also to teach chima how to think deeply before he act.

Secondly the bird wanted him to practically learn and recognise the things he should not cry for. This is actually to teach chima that he must not look or mourn too long on closed doors or dwell too long on the past because doing such would make him unable to see new doors or opportunities which are opened up for him that he must at all times put his head together to plan for what lies ahead of him.

Thirdly the bird flew away for chima to have that event as a scar on his body which he will never forget in his life to enable him recognise on time the real things of life and grab them intelligently. In a nutshell, the laws the bird gave to chima were like proverbs therefore he wanted him to have it in reality. Because his mission was to prepare chima for the future which lies ahead of him. However, chima's opening of the cadge which brought the bird out seemed foolish, but that actually teaches chima on how to always open up his mind to learn New things in life...

I celebrate you for this post sir, it is full of wisdom Thanks for sharing.


I love the way you analyzed the situation.
Thanks for reading and contributing.


You made me to exercise my brain by thinking on the significance of your post. Am happy you accepted contribution. Am grateful thanks.

I guess the boy was too anxious to know the answers that he forgot to think before acting.

One of the morals I saw is never to be too anxious for something to an extent where you forget to give proper thought to it.

Thanks @dubem-eu for the lesson


Yes, its always better to think before acting as acting before thinking fail most times.
Thanks for visiting.

Lovely story dubem



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I enjoyed reading your story. Very good.

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A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Wow, am happy you liked it. Many thanks to @surpassinggoogle for adding it value.

i love your post. It is mind boggling and entertaining. Keep it up!:)