Giving Thanks To Teachers, Tutors, Educators

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Hi there. This post is about giving thanks and showing gratitude to teachers, tutors and educators for the work they do in assisting the (young) minds in our societies.

Teachers, tutors, professors and the like all belong to the service industry. They may be in the public sector where their wages are funded or these educators may be from the private sector (wages are costs). In either case, educators do appreciate their students (along with parents) giving genuine thanks for the work, effort and time they put into helping the students get better in their subject(s).

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  • Giving Thanks To Teachers & Professors
  • Thanking Tutors For Assistance
  • Giving Thanks To Teaching Assistants


Giving Thanks To Teachers & Professors

Teachers and (teaching) professors dedicate a lot of their time, energy and effort into teaching multiple classes of students. In some cases, teachers and professors have to do classroom management to ensure rowdy students don't ruin it for those who want to learn.

Behind the scenes, teachers and professors develop teaching / presentation notes, practice problems, examples, quizzes and tests. Some of these tasks are done outside of their regular hours such as during evenings or over the weekends.

With the case for professors, some may have research on top of their regular teaching duties. Some may be writing papers, assisting their own graduate students, being a chair of a department or even maybe writing a book.


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Thanking Tutors For Assistance

Many tutors do work on a part-time basis and have other items on their own schedule. When it comes to travel, some tutors travel by car or public transportation to the student's home, public area or at a learning centre. Tutors not only offer their services to student clients they also offer their own time in terms of travel and prep hours.


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Giving Thanks To Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are aides to professors when professors need more bodies to tackle tasks such as marking, test invigilations (making sure students don't cheat), holding office hours and facilitating tutorials and laboratories.

These teaching assistants can be upper year undergraduate students, or graduate students doing their Masters or PhD studies. They would be doing the aforementioned tasks on top of their regular student duties. Compensation for teaching assistants may be of the form of being paid by the hour or as a stipend that would be deducted from the graduate student's tuition and living costs.

One worst case for a graduate teaching assistant (which I have seen myself) is that a certain amount of hours may be allotted for marking a pile of tests. It may turn out that actual marking time would be much more. These extra hours really do cut into the graduate student's own schedule. They really sacrifice themselves (and maybe grades) just to mark tests from (mostly) younger students.


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Thank you for reading.


Marking really takes a lot longer than what most people think. Unless you have to do it yourself one day, you won't really know how much work it involves.

I have marked quite of bit of math tests and math laboratory assignments in my past days as a teaching assistant.

Some questions take longer than others to mark. Some answers can be ambigious along with watching for messy writing.

hi dear @dkmathstats, what you write is very beautiful. I think teaching is the best and most difficult job in the world, of course you need to have a lot of patience and passion. in addition to the certain family (and it depends on the family) the school should teach the kids the critical thinking and the method to learn with which they will then go on for a lifetime, regardless of the specific subjects. it must also be said that many teachers have remained out of date and very often they are of no support to children, so governments should understand how important it would be to invest more in schools for the future of the new generations ;-D congratulations on your post and for your curie vote

Thank you for your comment.

I do agree that a big part of teaching is managing the students which does require patience and poise.

Having the parents / family do homeschooling on top of regular schooling helps a lot. The ideal is to have schools teach everything to students but this is not possible. There are too many topics to cover.

I see a lot of need (on the interwebs at least) for students learning critical thinking in which I do agree with. The thing I wonder is what kind of critical thinking is this being referred to? Is it the logic part and/or the critical thinking associated with math and stats?

Teachers here in Canada (Ontario province specifically) are funded well by taxes. Some teachers her though are a bit too comfortable and can get lazy. Not sure about teachers everywhere else. Investing in teachers from govt. funding is similar to infrastructure investment as there is expected return in the future.


Teachers are the best for education, thanks to them we can be who we are today♡

Greetings from Venezuela

Hi dkmathstats,

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