Why doesn't my profile picture show up on steemit?

Hello Good People. I'm brand new to Steemit. I've also never been much of a social media guy so some of the things I'm trying to do here are a bit of a learning curve.

I uploaded some pictures to shutterfly and I have selected a profile picture. I put that picture in a shutterfly album and toggled the "share" switch. I then copied what I believe is the url from the top of the screen which looks like "https://photos.shutterfly.com/folder/7....etc" and pasted it in my profile picture slot in steemit settings and clicked update. The address shows in my settings just fine.

Maybe I'm impatient or maybe I've got it all wrong but I don't see my profile pic showing up on steemit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks..


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I finally got my profile pic on steemit! It was a daunting task because I'm not so great at computers. But I must thank "isteemithard". I read his blog and he suggested using a website called postimg.org. Onward and Upward!