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RE: steemit GIVING for new(er) minnows and small fry

in #steemiteducation4 years ago

With all due respect and admiration to my seniors it gave me an insight to the power is vested to all steemers. Using it requires knowledge and experience. And i personally think that you are one of a kind that paves the way to many out there.
Specially the power of commenting is tremendous since big weals might be interested or trigered to comment back with upvote with right intentions.
Am not as such a good commenter but the power of it is very much high. Am following you you and your thoughts most importantly.



Thanks for the comment, I have a major announcement coming up for newb Minnows very soon! A follow is a great start, I am going to have incentives for my followers. I have an app that shows who follows and when they started, and I believe I saw your notification :D

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