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RE: I captured my first bee swarm today (with pictures)

Fun Fact: A swarm of bees in the first day or two upon moving from their original hive are unable to sting because they are holding so much honey their stinger cannot protrude past it.

Is this the reason why beekeepers never got stung by bees?


Bee keepers definitely get stung...just in the case of a newly formed swarm they often do not. Beekeepers often have to rely on their equipment to keep them as safe as possible. Especially when doing things that bother the bees a bit more. Things like extracting honey, or inspecting the comb. Another fun fact...there is some evidence that bee venom disrupts or prevents arthritis.

Really? Arthritis? That is interesting. I wonder what chemicals were contained in those venoms that could have exerted such pharmacological effect.

That might be a fun question to pursue...some people would likely flinch at the cost of application of this research. "Who wants to get stung a bunch to lesson their arthritis?"