The five magic words are very necessary in our daily communications with people.

Like the name "Magic", it's intent is to turn a situation around for good.

The words leaves you feeling good and satisfied.

I actually learnt these in one of the seminars i attended during my undergraduate days.

The Magic words include:







  • PLEASE: It wouldn't be nice asking someone to help you out with something without adding the word please.

For example you say "please could you help me zip my dress?

This is applicable for your mate, junior and senior.It's always good you use it when making a request from someone.

The magic behind the word is that it can make someone help you even help the person never planned doing that.

Your approach really matters!

  • SORRY/I'M SORRY: The word "Sorry" is used to render an apology to someone you have offended, though some persons find it so hard to say sorry or feel sorry for what they have done because they feel they should be apologised to or they feel big being the one to apologise (Pride).

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Either ways the best thing is to apologise whenever you wrong someone.

The word sorry brings healing, the magic behind it is that it also brings forgiveness and peace of mind.

Most times people want to forgive but because the person that offended them haven't acknowledged that fact it's always hard and it brings enemity.

Saying sorry never cost a thing, rather it helps you feel better without bearing grudges for anyone.

  • THANK YOU: This is used to appreciate someone for something good the person has done, we still have some people that are never grateful for anything rather they always feel cheated or the person haven't done enough.

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This is very wrong, let's learn to appreciate people no matter how little what they did is.

A proverb in igbo says "Ekele ome ya emegwi ya ozo", this means that when you appreciate someone for something done,the person will do more.

And this is just the magic, nobody wants to do more for someone that is always ungrateful unless is your mother, you know mothers never give up.

If you have ever experienced that you would understand better. When you always appreciate people for little things they would look for the one that is bigger to do for you.

  • PARDON ME: This word shows that you have acknowledged your mistake and you are truly sorry. It saves you from further punishments you should have received for your actions and leaves the person with no other choice.

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The magic is also that it brings healing and forgiveness.

  • EXCUSE ME: This word could be used in various ways: To take permission, maybe to leave a meeting or people, is also a polite of telling someone to leave the way for you.

For example, when you are in the midst of people or a discussion you could use the word to step out a bit and attend to your caller rather than walking out without any notification.

Secondly is always nice you used to tell someone to leave the way for you rather than trying to squeeze yourself within the path or pushing the other person standing.

It's just a polite word for having your way.

The magic is that it leaves you without having to argue with people.

I hope this was useful, Incase you are defaulting in any, try to work on yourself and improve.


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Keep steeming!
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