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So many a times we wonder what is the inspiration behind some subject matter like the one today I am writing on. The facts remains that the secret to every success in human history is traceable to consistency either the success is positive or negative. I am not advising you to get involved in a shady deal either to acquire success such is classified as bad and the repercussion is really painful on the long run.


I was listening to an audio message when the speaker made a salient statement that struck me hard and that made me know I am on the right track and the success I want will surely come. The statement was; “Winning by righteousness is slow but it runs across generations”

What a striking statement that made me know that the power of persistence is a virtue that must be coveted and maintained at all time. The sisters of this virtue is patience and discipline to do what is right at all-time irrespective of the compromising and tempting stuff that hover around to take away our gaze from the end point/result we long to get.

I chose to write on the above mentioned subject matter because I have seen that it pays to be consistent in whatever we find and lay our hands to do and the resultant positive effects it has on us on the long run. I joined this wonderful community early this year and the vibe was so strong that I moved, pushed and explored the community via my writings, upvotes and comments to fellows in the community as well, then for no reason I was demotivated and was away for a while. Then friends called me over the phone to asked what’s the reason for my inconsistency and I could not give any reasonable answers because I am not given to many excuses especially when I know what I am doing is totally wrong. Like the popular saying goes “the best advice is the one given to oneself” I pick up myself again and dusted by books and started my blogging and scouted the steemit community for people who write interesting stuff so I could read, upvote and comment. Sometimes I get upvoted and replies from those comments which increased my reputations and money in the pocket lolz.


I studied the blogs of many folks who had great reputations, high number of steem, voting Power and other numerical values on steemit and they told their stories how they started from nothing to something. I said to myself these folks don’t have two heads, they are not as intelligent as I am and what’s stopping me from achieving this feat. That was when I made a vow to do certain things that will keep me focused and maintain my momentum to get the best result I can here on steemit. Like we all know the cryptocurrency market has been red for some months now but that has never been my challenge because all I see is where I am headed.

So I promised myself I was going to make sure I drop at least a post every day, upvote and comment on atleast 5-10 people’s work a day and in return a certain percentage out of these folks may reply my comments and even upvote me to add some bucks to me. The second promise I made to myself was that I wasn’t going to touch a dime from the bucks made on steemit. I will grow the money till it get to a thousand bucks and when it get to that point it will help me start my dream business and also increase my investment.

So far these principles have been great and paid me off. I may not have gotten to where I am headed for the time been but I am sure I have made a lot of progress from the moment I bounced back to this moment though I have some form of challenges ranging from internet glitches and data exhausting and what have you. I am not stopping from my goal of $1000 on steemit.

I have made wonderful friends whom I count as mentors here who have really been supportive since I bounced back on steemit. It will really be crazy of me if I don’t recognize them and celebrate them here on steemit for the selfless service to make sure younger ones grow. I salute the following persons; @brian-rhodes, @bluelightbandit, @surpassinggoogle, @dante31, @stellabelle, @eurogee, @dtubedaily, @wafrica, @africa, @onequality, @stach, @michaelcj, @nairadaddy, @antigenx, @joagawu, @ and the list could go on and on

The power of consistency has thought me many lessons and exposed me to experiences. These includes;

  1. Wonderful relationships
  2. Trust
  3. Integrity
  4. Meekness
  5. Accountability

The friends I made here have impacted my life despite that fact I have not met them one on one.
My goal here on steemit is to maintain a level of relationships that will build my life in all aspect positively, make money that will help me start my dream business and investment, and also in return affect and impact other peoples life positively too like I have been done too.

Friends don’t stop impacting and teaching me as I am also a work in progress. I will not stop pushing, I will not stop being consistent, I will not stop being patient and I will not stop thanking you for believing in me.
Thanks for reading.

I am me @brightfame.

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My dear....slow and steady win the race....if you persevere no matter the obstacle on your way and never give up no matter what.....success will be your end product....
Thanks for sharing ...and remember Rome was not built in a day.

Thanks a lot my dear.

Being consistence is an instinct that is rarely generated by frustration. One can go on one do million things in different ways but can't be productive as one that does a thing million times. consistence!

yes oooo my dear