The death of a Nigerian Soldiers in the North East (RIP EMMANUEL OBINNA AND ERNEST NELSON)

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Ugochi Nnamdi Oluigbo, a TVC News Anchor took to her Instagram page to share the heartbreaking news of the demise of someone related to her and she expressed the sad event as she couldn't bare it.

The rate at which troops loose their lives to these beast called Boko Haram is alarming and overwhelming. The painful side of it is that while this mayhem is been unleashed to the soldiers defending the territorial integrity of this nation against the most deadly terrorist organisation led by Abubakar Shekau our legislatures wine and dine amongst themselves leaving the masses suffer the lost. It is quite unfortunate

I have personally lost individuals that are dear to my heart ranging from course mates, seniors and comrades who will always be there for me at the time when things where to be rough for me. The recent killing of Lt. Ernest Nelson was quite an unfortunate one. I have known Ernest for over two and half decades back in the days from Primary school, then to Military School where we trained in the same company though he was my senior, he was still a comrade because we thought to watch our backs irrespective of our ranking and superiority. ERNEST IS A GREAT GUY, R.I.P OKAKA

She penned a touching note in honour of one Obinna Emmanuel Onuoha who was reportedly killed in an ambush orchestrated by Boko Haram fighters in Borno State. It would be recalled that about 30 Nigerian troops had been annihilated by the terrorists in separate cases of ambush in the north-east.


Here is the Screenshot of Ugochi's twitter handle on her writing about Ogbonna's death;


I am pained at the rate at which life is been snuffed out of these folks who have dedicated their lives to service of a nation but on the second thought sometimes I ask deep question that warrant someone think I am unpatriotic, this question is; Is the nation Nigeria worth serving? each time i ask this question something warranted it and that thing is the rate at which the elite have taken most of this killings of the innocent for granted. You get to see while attack is on in one state the President will be in a convention discussing how he will win election and his cabal causing confusion everywhere.





I lost word to express myself the way I could but I just know of one thing that ONE DAY NAIJA WILL BECOME A BETTER PLACE WHERE THERE WILL BE VOID OF BAD THINGS I have started doing my own home work in my little way.

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This event will transform the minds of the younger generation and it will be a continuous process till we get the desired result.


I feel real pain on my inside.
Please feel free to resteem and share with love ones. This killings have to stop.

Thanks for reading.
I am me @brightfame

Theatre Oh theatre why have you decided to collect my comrades?

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R. I. P to him

May his soul rest in peace