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Please do not forget that you are a mother and not just a friend to your children.   

Children are gifts, and they can be taken away as they are only  sent to us to make them into good people. We are just so lucky if we see  good children grow up and teach our grandchildren the way we taught  them.

It is wonderful to be a child, but as a mother you have had your  turn, now you must be the one to listen and love and forgive and teach.  

When we have a second child we always say that they get the same love  and attention. Mathematically this is just impossible, as there is only  100% and we do not have 200% to give them all our love.

So for sure it  becomes 50% but it is possible to make them both feel good and that there is nothing that you will do for one that you will not do for the  other.

It is not wrong to want to be a friend to your child, because then they can come to you with all their problems.

But children need security and feel safe, that their friends can not give them but you as a mother can do that.

If you teach your children from a very young age how to behave and have good dicipline you will never have to try and fight with them as that is not the way you taught them.

Many of the problem with the youth of today is that they  do not listen to their parents and just do what they want.

I say this is the parents fault as they were not brought up the right way.

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In school teachers who have problems with children might just find out that the parents are to blame as they are the ones who did not teach their children when they were small what if right from wrong.

I see so many parents today just doing what children want, and that makes them obedient parents instead of the other way round.

We have to be in a position where obedient parents start using their right to teach a child that they are not in control. I am not saying you must be a tyrant what you must be is a good mother who loves her child.

For their own sakes you must teach them dicipline so when they start growing up they are not a burden at school or just naughty children.

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Please do not mess it up, as we only have one life, and if we do not treat our children and teach them, God will want to know why?     

You must remember it is something that is expected from you and that means love them, teach them, and make them into wonderful people.

We are not allowed to hit or shout at our children, but if we bring them up the right way, we will not have to at all.

 Children are gifts and they can be taken away as they are only sent to us to make them into good people. 

We are just so lucky if we see  good children grow up and teach our grandchildren the way we taught  them.         


Good thinking, it should be part of the "check out" kit given as mothers leave the maternity wing after birth.
If we don't change the way we are going the future looks pretty grim.
At least I won't be there to see it.

I totally agree, mothers are there to love and teach children to become good people.

Fathers have a lot to do with the upbringing as well, it can't all be left/blamed on the Mothers.
[I am biased]

The words, inspirational, educational, @bigbear.
Thanking you


Thank you so much this is so beautiful made me very happy.