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Teachers love their children in class and they really  try their best to make life easier for them, so when they grow up they  will not struggle.  

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We start a year but please do not forget your previous  teachers, as they like knowing what happens to you as they really did  their best for you. 

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This does not mean that you will not love your new  teacher, but the ones you had before care just as much. 

Every end of the  year the children get their reports and are so happy when they can go  to the next grade.


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If you sit a while and think about the previous year  you will remember some wonderful things that happened in your class and  some of you will even be very sad as you now have to learn to love  another teacher. 


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Teaching is not just a job it is a calling. 

Good teachers do this not for the money, yet they do get paid. 

But mostly the teachers I know  do this to help children. 

Your teacher is the one person you can always  trust if you have a problem. 


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Some children are not as happy at home as others. 

We do not always  know what happen when the house door close behind them. 

They may have  parents who do not care that much and are more into their work and don’t  always have time to listen to the child’s problem.  

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So children please tell your teacher if you have a problem,  they will always try to help, and I am sure they will mostly be  successful. 

They might speak to the principal and he will find out what the  problem is, then he will find a way to fix your problem. Never be shy to  tell teachers when you are unhappy, because children should not be  unhappy. 

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Childhood is for just a very short time and it should be the most  wonderful time in your life to remember. So this means help is always  available at school just speak out.

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Then there are children who grow up in such happy homes, these  parents really make time for their children. 

There are mothers and  fathers who care more about their children than anything else, this is  not always the case with all children and people are all different.  

Maybe the parents of an unhappy child did not have a happy childhood  either. 

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So this has to stop here as you as an unhappy child can fix it  just by talking to someone.  

This could also mean that you will be able to make your own children happy when the time comes. 

Other children have mothers who just live for their children, and teach them good manners, and how to treat other people. 

If you are  one of these lucky ones never forget to be thankful and always tell this  to your parents.  

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Unhappy children can reach the same goal if they get help from  school. 

This is what teachers and principals do. They see to it that you  never have to struggle as there is so much help out there for you if  you just tell them about your problem.

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Just remember if they do not know about your problem you might be inclined to be unfriendly, and they will think you are not a nice child. 

So try to be friendly to all it  will help you a lot. 

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Yet if they know they can make you feel better and all in the  class will like you. 

Remember children who are happy do not know what it  feels like to be unhappy, and they will treat you badly, if you are not  friendly to them.  

Hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful day. 

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Of course teacher is the best one in the world. But teacher must be true and real......

Children are very cute.

I agree to your points because most of my teachers have helped me a lot and in a lot of ways and I always suggest every student to always trust their teacher.

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