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Children should know that we do not ask for miracles but they still do exist. 

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I found this video of a tree that gives water, how many of you know that it is possible. 

The one thing that we cannot live without is water. 

Without water we die.  

I found this incredible tree, and at first when I showed it to my husband he said it must be either glue or something they are tapping from it or maple syrup. 

He could not believe when he looked further that it was water. 

Miracles we always think happened in the time when there was the Son of God on earth because he did them. 

In this video we see how people are so happy, and they tap water from this tree. 

Scientist is still trying to explain it but have not been able to. 

In science everything must be explained, but they still have not found the answer for this tree and it is more than one. 

To me it seems like a miracle and it is helping the people to get fresh water. 

If you watch it you will see how they are collecting water and it is truly unbelievable. 

I know we are not allowed to write about religion but this is not only about that, it is an absolute miracle tree that I truly did not know exist. 

If you have any comments on this feel free to tell me what you think as you may know a little more about it, but this is the first time that I am seeing this in my life. 

I think you can teach your children that there are still miracles on earth, and that by never giving up and just trying they might come across a miracle for themselves. 

Because of the times we live in we are so inclined to expect things to just come our way. 

Imagine these people receiving water in their village as the all need it. 

They say that scientists are still trying to explain it but have as yet not come up with anything. 

If I do find an explanation I will let you know at a later time. 

May you have a wonderful day from me.          

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Is it not a wonderful video, please give me your opinion and thanks for watching.



That is amazing. A maple tree would never give that much sap - it would run out. It does a fast drip, drip, drip. That is like turning on a faucet!

I agree it was absolutely stunning to me that why I think it is like a miricle.

know life is very easy for science. I hope one day will life very difficult for science.

I think we can not always bring science into what happens on earth.

It is very amazing to see. I never thought of it That can be such.

I did not either was very surprised.

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