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We must all teach our children this when they are very small, it is  really part of growing up and one of the first things we teach them. Teaching method is very important. Children have to learn that we are not all alike, yet  we are all important.

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It is so important that children learn no matter if they can walk,  or sit in a wheelchair, it is really not important because we all got  what we have like ears, eyes and so on from our parents. 

If we see a  little boy who cannot walk, we should say thank you as we do not have  the same problem. 

Normally people think they have to feel sorry for them, but they really accept life the way it is given to them and hardly ever complain.

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Empathy is something that we must teach our children when they are  very small, as it can prevent them from getting hurt in later years. 

If  taught from the beginning what to be thankful for, life might be a lot  easier later on. 

Something we always forget is that children have to be taught that  some kids might be blind and some might be deaf, some might be different  in appearance when it comes to nationality but they are all people on  earth and have the same rights as the child has. 

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This is sad, but these  children learn to overcome their problem and the kid who has to be  thankful does not have such a sad problem to overcome. 

When we see a deaf child we can tell our children, some can read lips others use finger langusge.

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Children must also learn that, not all kids have the same  intelligence but all have different interests. 

Some might find it a  little more difficult to learn but that is something they must help  their class mates to overcome their problem.

Always help your friend or  someone with a problem if you can. It is good to teach someone something  because once you have taught them you will be better at it and you will  have done a good deed as well. 

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Good deeds make better children, and therefore it is important  to teach them that they must always look at every person the same way, even if that person differs from them. 

So let us work together, to make  our children great people, by teaching them never to think they are  better than someone else as this will teach them what the Lord taught  us. 

Some children can be blind and use a dog, or a cane. 

Teach your children never to look down on other people as that is one of the most horrible things they can do.

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Others read by using brail, it is a special way of teaching blind people.

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Because they are not deaf they can learn from listening to stories on the internet, but deaf people can not.

There are so many people who have disabilities, but they are not different from us as we were all born and have a right to life.

If children learn this from young they will never feel bad, because they know that we do not all look alike but we are all human beings that was born here on earth.

Some of them just have it better than others, therefore they should help and care for children with disabilities.

I hope you have a wonderful day from me and please teach your children all people are equel.

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