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Yesterday I wrote about how we grew up in the 1950, I mentioned that technology has come along and sometimes not for the good and then there are people who think of the best way to use technology. 

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I found this video on how to teach children first aid. It is wonderful. I really think we should teach children this at school and I wonder if there is a download that we can put on our children’s computers or i pads so that they can learn this.

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If not there must be a time at school that we must teach children how to do first aid, as you never know when you will need it.

Technology has made this possible for us and we have to make sure that the most important basic first aid is taught to them. 

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Maybe you land up in an accident, or children in they might play in the pool and something might happen. If children know how to handle this it could mean saving a life. 

I truly think that all children should know how to do first aid. Another very important thing that we must teach them is that when someone is choking how to do the Heimlich method to help someone. This should be part of their training, and I do believe that every car and house should have a basic first aid kit. 


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Then we should teach small children who to phone and how if they are in trouble. 

Sometimes things might happen to a grown up at home and if the child knows who, and how to phone for help, it could also save a life or at least make the child not panic to much as they know what to do. 

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First aid for children might sound silly to some people but life has a way of throwing curves at you sometime and for that reason you should make things easier for children. 

I put a video in here of something that I have never seen, and maybe we do not have it here in South Africa. 

I truly believe that we should find out as this is so important for everyone to know. 

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I really hope you agree with me and that the schools will start thinking that maybe at all schools there should be a period a week or perhaps a month, to teach children the most important things to know about first aid. Just think if all people new first aid we might have help faster when in trouble than we could ever think. 

I hope you enjoyed my first aid and have a wonderful day from me.


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