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Children often struggle to make friends.

Some has a lot of friends, but some like to make one or two friends.  

The reason for this is that a child with a very strong personality might find it difficult as they always want to dominate.

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It is the responsibility of this parent to help this child, meaning children with a strong personality should make friends that also have more or less the same attributes, like being clever, strong willed and enjoy the same things as the friend.

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It is very important for the parent to get to know the friends family, as this can be a good or maybe a bad influence depending on the circumstances at home.

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If we don’t teach our children when they are young how to choose friends, it could be a problem in later stages in life.

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I am not saying the friends parents have to be rich or poor, just what the circumstances at home are like.  

All they have to be is happy children.  

We do not have a lot of time to teach them this, as they grow up very fast. 

At a young age we can still handle the problems that arise.  When they become teenagers it is much more difficult to handle.

Teach your child to listen to what their friends are saying, because listening makes you a good friend.

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Then, we have children who make friends easily, which can also be a problem so we do have to teach them that all people cannot be trusted, like grownups offering them sweets and other things.  

This can be someone they might not trust at all. 

We are living in a world with some people who have no  conscience, and this can lead to very sad stories.  

No parent wants their children to land up with unnecessary problems because they make friends easily.

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When children get a lot of pocket money at school and share with others, they might think they have a lot of friends.  This is not really true, because these children might be using your child just for their own gain.

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Children who get bullied at school must also be helped, as this may lead to sadness and depression. 

We think that small children cannot get depressed but they do.  

One way of telling is when a child does not want to go to school and try every trick in the book to stay home, yet some might just be lazy.

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Children must learn to do chores at home this will teach them some discipline and might even help their school work.

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When a child has made a friend, please make sure when they want to sleep out overnight that the child is in safe hands, hands just like your own.

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We all want our children to be safe, so if we learn what the parents are like, we know we can trust them to look after our children just like we do, we do not want them to wake up scared at night and feel sad.

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Have a wonderful day from me and just look after your children to the best of your ability.

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Thank you so much.

Money should not be considered for making friends. Friends are make by good character, good behaviour.
If parents consider this and teach their child then children can make good and best friends in their life.

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So very true my friend.

raising a child is very difficult, it can be done in many ways, it's hard to say what is the most effective, the most important thing is that the child should have his own opinion and awaken in him the desire to make his dreams come true!