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How to use steemit to further your education. Some students do not realise what it costs a parent to keep their child there, it is very expensive.

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I think steemit is one of the places that most students should be at, as they can learn and earn. 

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Have you thought what it can mean to your parents if you tell them  you do not need pocket money, as you are earning your own on steemit.   They will feel proud and happy.  

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Keeping children at university is very  hard for some parents.  

I am thinking  back to the time when we had two of them there and that really cost a lot of money.  

You dig and scratch every little bit you have as it does cost a lot of money.  

As a parent you never let your child know how  difficult it is, because they need to be happy and study.   

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Then here in steemit we have some of the most fantastic brainy  people you could wish for.  

Go and read everything they write about what  you are studying, we have archaeologists and maths educators on here, I  am sure you can learn from, and by going to a chat room with some of  these people you will learn from the best.

There are also some people who do psychology, anatomy and it is endless. 

By writing about your own experiences on steemit you might get the most interesting replies, these can only help you along. 

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If you are on steemit, tell your friends about it, they might  not know that steemit exist.  

Being a good friend you will tell everyone  and the more of your friends are on the more you will learn.  

This can become a competition between the students. 

Helping others this way might just make your life better as well. 

Another fact is that you will make contact with other students in  other countries.  

This can also help you, as everyone of them have the  same interest and maybe another way of learning.

Maybe you can just buy your own food, but even that will help any parent.

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Your friends from other countries might even help you find a  job when you are finished with your studies and you can then learn about  more cultures and see the world. 

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Never forget to go and read all steemiteducation posts as I am sure this will just help you.

Just think how happy your parents will be when you tell them they do not have to give you any pocket money as you are earning your own.

Helping them, will help you as well.

I think you can do this with a group of friends and they all can make their parents happy.

No parent minds giving their children money, but sometimes they do themselves short just to make you happy as you are their child and that is very important to them.

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I think all students should think about this and they will even learn how to blog, they can even write on something they have to study and that is another way of learning.

I truly hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful day from me.


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You're right. Our parents help first when we study. In fact, in every case parents do not say anything. The article wrote very well.


Thank you we love our children to much.


Yeah Mam.

I totally agree with you! Steemit it's an interesting and useful community for students. Earning something they can help the parents to pay the study and they can learn more reading and talking in the chat with the many teacher we have here. I also add another skill they can improve here: the languages! For student who are not mother-English to learn better English is really useful and here they can do it ^_^

You are absolutely correct and I use earnings from steemit to support myself in school but getting rewards is difficult and the price of steem is quite low but nevertheless, it is better than nothing.


Really true, but it will get better I hope.


That is so true my dear friend it can really help them.