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Have you ever thought why we don’t fall off the earth as it is  round? 

Some question that need to be answered sometimes for little  children.

We teach children about night and day, the rotation of the earth so now they know the earth is round.  

Why don’t we fall off of earth? 

Everyone knows that the earth is round yet we can walk and not fall off.

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That is something I am going  to try and explain to you today. 

There once was a man, called Isaac  Newton he was a scientist. 

This man did not except anything just for no  reason. 

He was sitting under an apple tree and then the apple fell.

This  made him think, why does everything that goes up come down again? 

This  is whyhe named it gravity.

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It sort of works like a magnet that pull things closer. 

That is the same that the earth does to us and other things on earth. 

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The bigger the object the more gravity it has. 

It is the pull  from the inside of the earth. Everything on earth has gravity, like your  weight or your ball. 

This is the reason why you cannot jump as high as  the ball goes when you throw it but it does come back to earth. 

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The reason is gravity. 

The gravity of the earth is strong  enough to keep us on the ground. 

Next time you break a cup or something  falling on the ground we can blame gravity. 

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Items fall, because of  gravity.

Next time you drop something just tell your parents you are sorry but it is because of gravity.        

Could you imagine if there was no gravity how we would be floating around and not have anyway of stopping.

Thankfully we do have the gravity in the earth and I really children can understand this.

I really hope you have a wonderful day from me, and stay where you are.


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More than a fall off, it would be a fall out..into space.

Thank you friend @bigbear how are you good hope you can write very nice you can make your posts very nice. From this new post, I learned new things and gained knowledge about new topics. Thank you so much for me.

Hello big bear, It is worth mentioning Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity as well. His theory explains gravity and it’s pull on a body which is relative to space and time and the body’s mass and relation between bodies. I believe it’s worth being added to any post about gravity. Thanks for bringing this type of topics to mind :)