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It is something they use daily and have they ever thought of where this is all coming from. 

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I found this wonderful video showing where google comes from, and how difficult it must be to be able to keep everything up to date. 

If they watch this video they will realise that this is not something that is just on the computer.  

There are so many people working and keeping things up to date for them. 

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Do they really appreciate what they have when they have the internet, and realise how many people are working to help them.

Some people say they can not coock for instance and all they have to do is lookon  google for recipes and how to make the food.

Men who want to fix their cars, can find it on google. It is just possible to find anything you want at any time. 

I was surprised myself, as I have not really thought about it myself but it is actually an extremely wonderful thing we and our children have to use. 

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It is done in so many languages, and they can just type in what they are looking for and there it is. 

So can you imagine how hard these people really have to work to make this possible? 

I think of the days that we had to use encyclopaedias, and they became old and were never kept up to date. 

I remember people walking from house to house selling them and how our parents use to buy them one at a time for us.

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We loved it as it was so interesting and we were adamant readers. 

If they could not afford it we had to go to the library, and stay there to work from theirs.Tthey were not allowed to be taken out of the library. 

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We use to sit there for hours in silence as that is something that you do not do is make a noise in a library. 

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Today children do not even use the library anymore as they have their own at home with their computers. 

We use to love it and really enjoyed it especially if we had a task to do for school. 

So today children do not even realise how much work goes into what they just accept as something that they use. 

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They even have wonderful programs that fix their spelling, and show them how to write with the right commas as well as question marks. 

I really think we should show children at school what a wonderful privilege it is to just go onto google and find what they want. 

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We must also teach children to use this as a good thing, and not something where they can get into trouble. 

So keep an eye open when your children are on the internet, and make sure they are safe as social media can become a problem as well. 

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I hope you enjoyed my story and show it to children so that they really know how privileged they are. I really hope you have a wonderful day from me.          

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Thank you so much.

Nice post about library and google ... what will become a library?! book museums perhaps :/