Half Cooked Egg

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Hi steemian!

Between you guys there who like eating half-cooked eggs, and no wonder the hell because of half-cooked egg is indeed pretty much favored people. Not solely because of their texture, but also because of its usefulness for our bodies.

Eggs contain many essential nutrients needed by our body, such as protein, fat, riboflavin, kolin, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, etc. Well, this makes nutrition-nutrition eggs became one of the highly recommended breakfast menu. Not only that, the yolk contains many components called lecithin is effective against multiple sclerosis because it has put a damper on cholesterol levels.

Not up there alone, any egg yolk contains amino acids and a row of fatty acids that are critical to the development of our brains. Any egg yolk contains carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Wrong two vitamins in egg yolk is no vitamin A and vitamin B12 vitamin A which is desperately needed by the body to mempertahanakan healthy skin, teeth, and bone. While vitamin B12 plays an important role for the metabolism of the body as well as the duty to ensure that the nervous system in the body to function properly.

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