How Old is My Cat in Human Years?

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The old model- one cat year is equivalent to seven human years just isn't true. Scroll down to calculate Fluffy's age!

We find it alluringly convenient to think of the family's cat age in terms of years, but it is more accurate to regard actual stages of life- kitten, young adult, senior, etc, in order to provide the best care for your fur-baby.

Cats mature faster than humans due to the fact they have shorter lifespans. So the first two years of a cats life is equivalent to about 25 human years. After two years, one cat year is equal to approximately four human years.

7 to 1 is not the correct calculation for dogs, either! Figuring out your dog's age after two years is a bit more complicated based on size and breed, but on average the first two years of a dog "ruffly" equates to 15 human years.

But no matter their age, providing adequate care and giving your fur-baby plenty of love and cuddles will ensure many fun, funny and comforting years spent together ♡

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I have never followed the 7 to 1 rule either, but it is always interesting to compare a humans age to a pets, it gives us some perspective in how they may be feeling and age related issues.


Exactly, and the best way to care for them- ie not expecting an old timer to chase after toys as much ;)

That's surprising! ALways believed about 7 to 1 version :) Thanks for clearing this out :D


You're very welcome! Thanks for reading :)

Well there you go learnt something today the means my cat is in her early teens then explains a lot haha 💯🐒


Teen girls, of any species, exhibit strikingly similar patterns, don't they?!


Haha yep 💯🐒

It turns out we are almost the same age, me amd my 4-years old cat:) lol)))


Nice! Do you two get along as two of the same age might? :)


Not bad. We are trying to be friends and respect each other’s space. Just our interests are a bit different. I can't allow myself to spent so much time in a sleeping mode:)))


Ha ha,, as much as you like to switch the tables at least sometimes ;)

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Sweet, thanks!

I never believed that straight 7 to 1 calculation was accurate either!


I always felt it was a bit off, too!

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I got my cat when he was 9 years old.... DANG,HE'S OLDER THAN ME

I've never thought of it like that. For me a cat is either a kitten, young cat, or old cat...


That's generally the school of thought amongst veterinarian.

That makes my cat adult :)
But he still caught a bird last night and brought it home... gahhhh
Managed to save the bird.... but his excitement sooo cute


They do live being you home their little gifts, don't they?!

This makes a lot of sense. The different rates of aging across species makes me wonder whether there is a way to slow down the clock to extend life.

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