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I, like a lot of other people (most people I suspect) joined Steemit mainly because of the chance of receiving money without any cost or expense to myself. No risk, just do a bit of writing and get paid for your time and trouble. If only it was that easy! (Before someone shouts at me I do appreciate that there are also other benefits to being a member.)

I know it can be done because I've seen the posts of other Steemians with some very impressive figures at the end of each post. My mentor has stated that she earns around a thousand dollars weekly so, as I said earlier, I know it can be done. I am very gradually getting there, but finding progress to be painstakingly slow. If I see an amount above 0.20 at the bottom of one of my posts, then I am pleased with that. Many of them don't get above 0.04 or 0.05.

So, I shall continue to plod onwards, gradually increasing my earnings as time goes by. I WILL get there eventually.

I have also found another couple of related ways to benefit me. The first of these is a way to get free Steem power through data mining. The process is simple and does not take a lot of time each day once set up, but does generate rewards to help you in your Steem journey. You can download a free pdf file that will explain everything and provide instructions. Free Steem Power

The second method I have employed is to acquire free Swift coins. You just need to click on one button each day to add 100 free Swift coins to your account. These can then be exchanged for goods and services should you choose to, but I am just holding on to mine to see what happens. This is a new venture and I am hopeful that I will be able to turn them into cash one day - if not, nothing lost. After all, clicking on one button a day costs me nothing. Swift Free Coins

The third and final method I am using is a totally free way to generate Bitcoin. This one requires absolutely no interaction from me at all once set up. You just watch it accumulate slowly each day. As long as you don't close the browser window or turn off your computer, it will continue to run and accumulate. Get Free Bitcoin!

All three of the above methods will gain rewards faster when you introduce other people to them and they join under you.

So, yes, I am making money from Steemit and the other methods - even if it is slowly, but as long as there is no monetary cost to myself I will continue to soldier on and wait for the benefits to improve, which they certainly will with the passing of time.


Free Daily Crypto: Swift Free Coins

How To Get Free Steem Power

An easy way to earn free Bitcoin - mine it from a chrome extension and the more people you tell, the faster it mines... Get Free Bitcoin!

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I truly feel your anguish in this post. I am also using those three tactics to make money. But I've also adapted in my niche. Since I've been writing about my experiences as an educator and other education related posts, I've been receiving a lot of support from steemit education. They are a great community to be a part of. I have however been writing less about my other passions, being poetry and motivation as these topics barely earn me 1sbd. But I'll soon write one education related post and one of my other passion posts per day. I think you should do that too.

Thanks for info @appent. I'll definitely check these out.