We learn about famous scientists - Jane Goodall - Information and questions on videos for small kids

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Most of the famous scientist we learn about are men, but this does not mean that there are no female scientists that play a huge role in discovering and inventing things for the future generations.

Today we will learn about a scientist who did not invent anything, but her work with chimpanzees gave people a knew knowledge and appreciation for looking after these animals.

  1. Where do chimpanzees live?
  2. What inspired Jane to grow up to live among animals?
  3. Where did she go when she was 26?
  4. How are humans and chimps the same?
  5. How can the study of chimps help us?
  6. Do chimps eat meat?
  7. What was a big discovery Jane made about chimps?
Born on the 3rd of April 1934, Jane Goodall is a British primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist. 

In 1977 Jane Goodall started the 'Jane Goodall' institute and they still carry on with her work today and protect and study chimpanzees. 

People have always thought, that it was only humans that could make and use tools and have the mental capacity to solve problems.  In her studies, Jane figured out that this was possible for chimps also.

Jane Goodall got a lot of criticism from other scientists, because she was studying the chimps in a total different way they were used to.  She did not capture them and keep them in a lab and she did not just give them a number, she actually named them.  She became emotionally involved in her research.... this was frowned upon by others.

Goodall is a strong supporter of animal rights and has been part of many animal rights organizations. She was the president of Advocates for Animals from 1998 to 2008. 

Dian Fossey was another well known biologist that studied Gorillas in Rwanda.  She and Jane were very much alike in the way they studied these animals.  Fossey also wrote a book 'Gorillas in the Mist' that later was made into a movie.

Fossey was unfortunately murdered one night in her house she lived in the jungle with the gorillas.  She was killed with a machete and to this day the murder was not solved.

You can read more about Jane Goodall's life and work here.

Goodall was rewarded many prices through her life from conservationists that appreciate the word she does.  If we can all look at nature the way that this women does and want to save the lives of many animals and care for and respect nature, the Earth will be in much better hands.

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